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Image caption
Title The Penguin Without Fear
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction New Protectors
Health 100%
Level Level 30 Superhero
Status Active
Location Eastshield

MadCap, or his secret identity Max McKenzie, is a blind superhero. He is currently working in the New Protectors.


Maxwell McKenzie was born in 1989. His father was a pro wrestler and his mother was a clerk. His mother abandoned her husband and son shortly after Matt was hatched. Max's Father worked very hard as a single father and tried to meet ends. However, wrestling slowly went out of style as more and more people learned it was fake. He ended up becoming so desperate he contacted Gangsta G and joined the Underground PWN Mafia. He was sent to go around Antarctica to collect 'protection money'. In return, they would find his games "willing sponsors" and make deals with advertising companies to get wrestling back in the public eye.

Max himself was a very studious person, thought it cost him lots of friends. When he did go outdoors, he was often mocked and teased and due to his social ineptitude, he often lashed out in violence. Of course, being an untrained child, he was quickly taken down every time. His outbursts earned a new nickname for him, "MadCap". An unpredictable emotional little loser who thought he could beat up anyone who makes him mad. He tried to repress this anger, but would still explode occasionally when frustrated and beat up a piece of furniture or one of his dad's punching bags.

One fateful day, Max caught his dad roughing up a penguin who was late on protection money. In fear and confusion, he ran in another direction while his father tried to catch up with him. He ran into a construction site where they were managing dangerous chemicals. One of them was about to fall on a worker, but Max pushed him out of the way. The chemicals spilled all over Max and he had to be sent to the hospital.

When he woke up, Max realized that he was blind, but his other senses were heightened and he had echolocation. His heightened senses made life uncomfortable, since loud noises would bother him and pain was amplified to the point where even minor cuts felt like fire. The painkillers they administered to him had no effect as they attempted to operate on his face. Max has to use the utmost concentration to not scream in pain throughout the whole ordeal. His father visited him many times during this time in his life. He told the truth to Max about what he had done, begged for his forgiveness, and desperately promised to go clean. Unfortunately, the he would not be able to make good on this promise just yet, especially since he now had to pay Max's medical expenses.

Over the next year, Max began to focus on his studies to learn how to be a defense attorney. He wanted to be able to protect people with the law so hopefully nobody would have to fall into his father's position without hope. Meanwhile, his father had since quit working for Gangsta G and was able to turn his anguish and anxiety into energy and took to the gym to lift weights, building up strength in case he needed to fight Gangsta G or his goons. He also put more emphasis on his career as a wrestler, more than he ever had since he became one. Even though Gangsta G's advertisement campaign had ended with Max's father quitting, they still managed to drum up enough support to have wrestling stay in the public eye. Oops.

He managed to land a match against one of the most famous wrestlers... and he was set to win too! Max's father would be one of the most famous penguins in Antarctica and finally get enough money to manage a secure life for himself and his son, and all he had to do was show up. However, Gangsta G called Max's father and told him that if he values his life, he won't show up. The plan was to get him back into a state where he was financially dependent on the gang. Max's father was tempted, but when his now-teenage son told him how proud he was of him for going clean he attended the fight. This angered Gangsta G and he sent one of his enforcers Bugzy to kill Max's father after the match. On the way home, Bugzy ambushed Max's father, threw him into an alley, and brutally beat him to death, leaving Max with no parents.

Max heard the bad news on TV soon and was in total grief. All he had left were his studies, which he was slowly losing faith in the more he learned about the history of criminal justice. In this time, a mysterious, traveling blind ninja kidnapped him and told him that he'd teach him how to fight. He did just that and taught him how to control his senses to have them be an advantage instead of a detriment. Max, already having natural advantages, became a master of these skills within a few years. All the while his teenage mind was going crazy with emotion. Once his training was complete, he returned to his home only to find someone else bought in his absence, and he was forced to move into a cheap apartment. He could no longer afford to continue his studies at a college, but had managed to hold onto some textbooks and law books. Having never even finish high school, he had to take a job at a local McDoodles. His grief slowly morphed into anger, such as the one that haunted his childhood, only greater. Anger and hate for the criminals and the ninja who ruined his life. He was no longer satisfied in being idle and scraping by. He wanted revenge. He wanted to let all the anger out any way he could. He decided one day to make a costume out of a stolen McDoodles uniform and finally put his fighting skills and powers to the test. That night, for the first time, he went into the world as MadCap, stopper of crime and defender of the innocent. The rest is history.

MadCap featured in the fictional superhero team The Defenders, though in reality he works with the New Protectors and helps them fight villains while also fighting his own nemeses from time to time, such as Ranger. It was during this time with them where he was given the proper funding needed to complete his education and legally become a defense attorney at an astonishingly young age. Due to this, he also acts as the New Protectors' lawyer in the event of litigation.


MadCap is a street-level superhero in Eastshield, and sometimes assists other heroes when fighting the mob there. He is trying to take down the Underground PWN Mafia, and especially Bugzy. He is an active member of the superhero team, the New Protectors.

His civilian identity is a lawyer working for a minor firm. He's reputed for having an impeccable sense of justice, as every case he's refused turned out to have the defendant being guilty. His MadCap identity, which allows him to be very familiar with the crime world, and special powers, that can tell if people are lying by listening to their heart rate, are the true cause of this. Most of the people he defends from criminals are innocent victims, whether they were directly targeted or caught in the crossfires of another conflict.


  • Excellent Martial Arts Skills.
  • Heightened Reflexes and Agility.
  • 360 degree sonar detection.
  • Various gadgets he's accumulated through requests to inventors, including a grappling hook.

Rogues Gallery[edit]

  • Bugzy, the biggest crime lord in Antarctica. MadCap doesn't know as of yet that he was the one who killed his father, but he knows his gang is responsible for his death and would do anything to put an end to it for good.
  • Killer Whale, a ruthless vigilante who supposedly kills criminals. In reality, he goes overboard and slaughters anyone that might tangentially be related to a criminal and even people who don't immediately show him respect. MadCap thinks he goes too far, but only really steps in to stop him from killing innocents and civilians.
  • Ranger, a supervillain with extremely sharp vision, great aim, and the ability to sense weak points. He's deadly as a sniper even when holding a gun or weapon not designed for sniping. While he often works for various crime syndicates as a mercenary, his main motivation is a sick love for violence and death. After an encounter where Ranger offhandedly killed a victim MadCap had just saved, he swore vengeance on Ranger, who was creepily accepting of it. Since then they have been nemeses.


  • He is a parody of the Marvel comics superhero Daredevil
  • He has a strong code about injustice against and death towards innocent people, likely because of his own personal history.
  • He has an amazing ability to contain composure in court, but it's likely a result of him forcibly repressing his frustration as he can often be seen beating a punching bag with disturbing fervor after a case.

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