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Image caption
Title The Penguin without fear
Gender Male
Race high Penguin
Faction The Defenders
Health 100%
Level Level 30 Superhero
Status Unknown
Location Freezeland

MadCap, or his secret identity Max McKenzie, is a blind superhero. He is currently working in The Defenders.


Maxwell McKenzie was born in 1989. His father was a boxer and his mother was a clerk. His mother abandoned her husband and son shortly after Matt was hatched. Max's Father worked very hard as a single father and tried to meet ends. However, he lost a few rounds of his boxing matches, and was so desperate he contacted Gangsta G and joined the Underground PWN Mafia. He was sent to go around Antarctica to collect 'protection money', and the games were rigged so he would win.

Eventually Max caught his dad roughing up a penguin who was late on protection money. He became ashamed and ran in another direction while his father tried to catch up with him. He ran into a construction site where they were managing dangerous chemicals. One of them was about to fall on a worker, but Max pushed him out of the way. The chemicals spilt all over Max and he had to be sent to the hospital.

When he woke up, Max realized that he was blind, but his other senses were heightened and he had echolocation. His heightened senses made life uncomfortable, since loud noises would bother him. His father visited him and promised to go clean and to win his fights fairly.

Over the next year, Max began to focus on his studies to learn to be successful in the world so he wouldn't have to end up like his father. Meanwhile, his father trained harder and managed to become very successful. However, Gangsta G was hired to have Max's father throw a fight. Max's father was tempted, but when he saw his son cheering for him, he won the fight. This angered Gangsta G and he sent one of his enforcers Bugzy to kill Max's father. Bugzy PWNed him to death with ease, and left Max with no parents.

Max was trained by a ninja on how to fight. He learned to control his senses to have them be an advantage instead of a detriment, and became a master in martial arts. Meanwhile he was studying in college as a lawyer so he'd be able to know how to become an effective crime fighter in the legal realm as well. When Max was done with his education training, and he went into the world as MadCap. Criminals were surprised by his speed, and soon, crime plummeted.

Madcap today fights supervillains like Target, a supervillain with the power to find someone's weak point and use it against them.

MadCap also is in The Defenders, acting as their lawyer if they get sued.


MadCap is a grand superhero in Eastshield, and sometimes assist Arachnid Boy when fighting the mob there. He is trying to take down the Underground PWN Mafia, and especially Bugzy for killing his father. He has a strong code against killing others.

His civilian identity is a lawyer working for a respected firm. He only defends innocent clients, and can tell if people are lying by listening to their heart rate with his super senses. Most people he defends are really poor since he is compassionate.


  • Excellent Martial Arts Skills
  • Heightened Reflexes and Agility
  • 360 sonar detection
  • various gadgets he made to assist him, including a grappling hook.

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