Mad Penguins

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Mad Penguins
254px-Angry birds loading.png
Inspiration(s) Penguins who are angry
Developer Roger Lopez and a whole bunch of his friends.
Publisher Same as the developers.
Release dates
Release in the USA
June 21th 2012
Release in Dorkugal
July 4th, 2011
Additional info
Genre Penguin shooting
Platform Snowtendo 3DS, IcePhone, IcePod Tap, IcePad, PC, Peachintosh
Rating E for Everyone

Mad Penguins is a game for the Snowtendo 3DS, the IcePhone, IcePod Tap, and the IcePad, as well as computers. Mad Penguins has its own trilogy spread over a various series of Mad Penguins Games. It's extremely popular all over Antarctica, especially in Club Penguin.


One day, the penguins of Club Penguin Island were having a big lunch with pies. But then, the Darktonian army came to avenge its former leader, and stole the pies. It is now up to the penguins to destroy the Darktonian army and retrieve their pies!


At the left of the level's screen, there will be multiple Penguin characters that the player has chosen to destroy the Darktonian army. At the right, the Darktonian Army will be defended by multiple buildings and objects that the player must destroy to annihilate the enemy. Each level will allow a certain number of Penguins to choose and use. To destroy the buildings, the player must use the penguins special ability, by touching the Penguin and doing a certain movement. Each penguin can only be used once. The level will be failed if the player isn't able to destroy all enemies before he/she runs out of birds.


Add yourself if you want to!

  • Starter:2/2
  • Unlockable:1/10
  • Hidden:3/10
  • Downloadable:2/Infinite
Character Appearance Special Availability Explanation
Mad Penguin A penguin of various colors with a mad face. No special. It just shoots with a slingshot. Starter This Mad Penguin is mad, not because his pies got stolen, but because he doesn't have a special. True story.
Fish Tosser A penguin of various colors with a fish in his flippers. Tosses three fishes at the buildings, that hit with a very strong impact. Starter What this penguin doesn't notice that he could eat the fish instead of pie.
X-Treme Penguin A blue penguin on a X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz. Rams X-Treme Jetpack Sled Cartz into buildings, destroying anything not matter how hard it is. Hidden Everyone hated X-Treme Penguin. But finally his X-Tremeness has come to a use!
Roger Lopez He goes in Full Demon mode, grabs his Guitar Axe on flames, and smashes the first thing he finds in front of him into pieces. Hidden You can steal a penguin's pie. But never try to do it if that penguin has a demon inside.
Amigopen An orange penguin with blue goggles and a grey shirt A banhammer starts circling around Amigopen which can break stone bricks with ease. Hidden He is the world's heaviest penguin, yet the smallest of his kind.
Gordon Ramses Gordon starts throwing hundreds of kitchen utensils to the enemies. Unlockable He cooked those pies. He gets them back. VIOLENTLY.
David2453 David2453 starts throwing hundreds of electronic devices such as laptops, IcePhones, Snowtendo 3DS' etc. Unlockable Always use David's special power or else he is useless and he will kill YOU!!!
Fooly8 A stupid green penguin He is super bouncy and kind of strong. He bounces off anything it hits. Unlockable Fooly never knew that the pies where stolen. He just wanted to do it.
Gyc (Roger's Dragon) A big brown dragon Gyc comes down from the sky and eats the whole level. Downlodable Never steal Gyc's pie. Or you will feel how the pies you stole feel after your lunch.
Slidur A large dark blue penguin. He can grow up to 50 meters and turn into a plasma cyclone and destroy everything. Downloadable If you eat his pie,you'll faint for a month due to a toxic that's only good to him.