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Madeleine Louise Esser
Born November 14, 2003
Delphi, Acadia
Gender Female
Nationality Acadian
Other names Maddie
Home town Delphi, Acadia
Known for Being the daughter of the Acadian President
Parents Brant Esser, Jayne Esser

Madeleine Louise Esser, usually referred to as Maddie Esser, is the eldest daughter of Brant Esser, the President of Acadia, and Jayne Dupont, the First Lady of Acadia. She currently resides in the Acadian Presidential Palace in Delphi, Acadia, with her family and had a mostly normal life throughout her childhood, although that began to change after her father became the Acadian President. Now, she often yearns for a different life away from all the attention where she can be her own self without any judgement or media coverage.


Maddie Esser was born on November 14, 2003 in Delphi, Acadia, as the first child of Brant and Jayne Esser. She had a normal childhood for the first two years of her life, living in the Esser Estate, and although the Essers were well known in Acadia, Brant and Jayne made sure she remained outside of the public eye. In 2005, at the age of two, her father Brant was appointed by the Acadian President Greg Cleanington to serve as the ambassador to Acadia, and Brant moved his family to the Freezelandian capital of Frostborough to serve as the ambassador there.

She began attending private school in Freezeland at the age of four, and at first impressed her teachers with her knowledge of two languages, English and French, which was spoken by the Essers at home, and some of one language, Norwegian, the official language of Freezeland. During the Essers' time in Freezeland, her younger sister, Lily Esser, hatched as well in 2007. In 2010, shortly before the events of Twilight and Shadow, Brant Esser sent his wife and children home to Acadia, as he sensed instability in Freezeland, and later Brant himself was evacuated as well.

After the family's return to Acadia, Maddie began attending a public elementary school in Acadia, as her parents felt that public school was the best choice for her and they were in a familiar country so they wouldn't have to worry about her safety. Later, when her father was elected as an Acadian Member of Parliament, the Essers continued trying to keep their children out of the public eye so they could continue attending school normally in Acadia. Maddie continued earning good grades and eventually entered middle school at the age of eleven in 2014.

Despite the Essers' best efforts, Maddie and her sister entered the public eye more often after her father's election as President of Acadia in 2014, and his inauguration in 2015. The Essers moved a few miles south from their mansion to the Presidential Palace, but Maddie and her sister continued going to the same schools they were going to before. She graduated from middle school after finishing eighth grade in 2017, with Brant using his political influence to ensure that there was no media coverage of the actual ceremony, held at a garden in Delphi.

Later in 2017, Maddie began attending high school for the first time. By then, she began to grow tired of having to constantly avoid the public eye, especially since she began receiving much more attention than she wanted in high school. By later 2018, she began to yearn for a different life without the constant attention and publicity she was receiving, and often contemplated running away from her life in Acadia. These thoughts began to grow after she met Kenneth McClark, the son of Simon McClark, at a Western Union conference, whom she began dating in late 2018.


As a child, Maddie has limited involvement in politics or even the world in general, outside of occasional media appearances and school and related school activities. At school she is on the school baseball team, yearbook club, and works in drama as well. Additionally, she runs several social media accounts, such as on Icetagram, Snowchat, and Chitter, although she keeps her accounts on said social media apps private for her and her friends. Despite being the daughter of the Acadian President, she attempts to live a normal life, something her parents try to give her as well.


Maddie is a shy individual, although she has attempted to change this through her involvement in theatre at school, and his annoyed by the constant press bombardment and attention she receives. Although she is aware that her father intends for her to inherit most of the Esser family's assets when he dies or decides to give up leadership of the family, she isn't interested in that life, and intends to give it to her younger sister instead. She also disagrees with most of her father's political views, seeing herself more as libertarian right, something her father is aware of and acknowledges.




  • Scrubette - The two became friends after they met when Scrubbette visited Acadia with Penstubal and have kept in contact ever since despite the distance between them. Maddie sees Scrubette as one of her closest friends and they often talk to each other.


  • Brant Esser - Maddie has a shaky relationship with her father due to their differing political views, and she believes that Brant focuses too much on politics to notice his own family. Brant sees what he finds as her "teenage rebelliousness" as annoying. However, Maddie's father is protective of his daughter and tries to keep her out of the spotlight.
  • Red and Blue - She finds the antics of Lavender's children absolutely hilarious, including the time when they stated that Hockey Manlet would be a better president of Acadia than her father.



  • It is rumored that she dated Hockey Manlet's son from the time when Hockey Manlet and his family lived in Acadia.

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