Mah Boi

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Mah Boi
Title Queen M-
Gender Female
Race Mwa Mwa Penguin, subspecies of Adelie Penguin, (Pygoscelis adeliae turpitudo Thekingsaysmahboifortenminutesera, the third one indicates subspecies, it's Latin for deformity)(The 4th is sub-sub species, we don't know what it means)
Faction Darktan's Army
Health Terrible
Level -
Status Crazy
Location Don't Ask Us

Mah Boi is a silly girl penguin whose father dropped her egg when she was in her egg and left her there for 14 years. She is 14 years old, and acts like a Mwa Mwa Penguin. Hey, she's been doing it for all her life! Her name was inspired by a PengTube video called "the king says mah bo' For 10 minutes". She is also stupid, and will become a King of Stupid Mwa mwas in the distant future and make her own villiage, Mwa-liss.

Her days as a (or should I say, early Mwa mwa penguin)chick[edit]

Mah Boi was born on a dark stormy night, in the cold snow. She was homeless, so she moved in a rickety old shack. A few years later, she found out about something called "school", so she joined. She was bullied for being stupid, silly and having amnesia, so she finally left school after years of harassment and ran to The Pet Shop. Then she got adopted by some crazy penguin who was keen into Mwa mwa penguins, calling them pookies. They lived together for 10 years

Then she decided to ask Flywish to adopt her. He said no and punted her miles away. Then she met Manny Peng and fell in love with him. (unfortunately) She then started following Manny's steps and joined Darktan's Army as a minion. Then WishFlyX ran into her and he adopted her.


  • She once did something weird to Winston.
  • She has a crush on Manny Peng. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • Flywish hates her with all his heart.
  • WishFlyX is her "father" right now.
  • Xinston always plans to pick her up and punt her far far away. Possibly because he doesn't want to be tricked like his Goody counterpart.
  • Xorai hates her with all his black heart.
  • Gregory can and has zapped her with lightning. It leaves her stunned for over 10 minutes.

Her Diet[edit]

She has had candy for many years. She often got very hungry and always ate brocoli. She also eats rotten candy which disgusts many penguins. She even ate jewels off of her toy crown. She also gets tricked into eating super glue by the little Yishran prankster.




  • Chocolate
  • Loud Music
  • Winston's hugs


Mah Boi: Hwey Winstwon!!! Woo are now the kwing of us bay bees. Bwut bwefwrore woo bewome kwing, woo mwust sway mah boi fwor twen mwinutes stwaight.

Winston: *Says Mah Boi for 10 minutes straight*

Mah Boi: Ha ha!!! I twicked woo!!!!!!!!!

Winston: *Shrugs* must hug more!!!!

Flywish: Mah Boi!!! I said I never wanted to see you again in my life!!!! *punts Mah Boi*


Corai: Hi Mah Boi

Mah Boi: Wello

Corai: *gives cookie*

Mah Boi: WAY

Corai: ugh that was a explosive one, *gives real cookie*

Mah Boi: What......*faints*

Corai: Pranked!

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