Mailman X

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Mailman X
Mailman X
Born Mailman X
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Species Penguin (X-Antibody)
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 2'7"
Residence ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Occupation Mailman
Evilositian Army member
Employer The "Evil Postmaster"
Evil Pengy
Years Active 2013-present
Mailman X's signature
Hey, we even have an obligatory X-Antibody!

Mailman X is the evil X-Antibody of Mailman. His peers consider him to be a very generic villain, which he is. He works for a secret organization that deals with delivering mail and packages to villains in their secret lairs and hideouts, run by a mysterious penguin only known as the "Evil Postmaster". He is currently a member of the Evilositian Army.


In 2013, Mailman was delivering packages as usual when he picked up a package contaminated with the X-Virus. A few days later, he was delivering a package to someone when he began sneezing, dropping the package and breaking the fragile contents inside. Eventually he sneezed out a black substance, which transformed into Mailman X. Mailman X's first act was to take Mailman's hat off of his head and throw it into the wind, and then he ran away.

Mailman X was later recruited into the Evilositian Army by Evil Pengy, and participated in their attempt to conquer Shops Island. They ended up being captured by the Shopper Intelligence Agency, but escaped and fled to Chill Island. They took it over briefly before being stopped by the Chill Island Protection Force, and Mailman X was taken into Elite Penguin Force custody.

In March 2015, Mailman X, along with the rest of the Evilositian Army, was called to the Lair of Evilosity to hear Evil Pengy's new master plan for their next evil act. While Evil Pengy was explaining his plan (and being interrupted with suggestions from the other members), KwikXilver arrived, capturing X-Antibodies for the Nightmare Epic. This resulted in a brief free-for-all between KwikXilver and the Evilositian Army, before he was vacuumed up by Dr. Warp and emptied outside.

In June 2018, Mailman X participated in the Evilositian Army's assault on Acadia and blasted them with eggs and cheese, but was one of the four shot down. He was captured by the Acadian army and put on trial, but was rescued by the remaining Evilositian Army members.


  • Mailbag - Because of the nature of his job, Mailman X's mailbag often contains many useful items, which he uses if necessary. He also sometimes uses the mailbag itself as a weapon.



Unlike his counterpart, Mailman X is a very competent and focused mailman who doesn't get distracted from his duties and enjoys his job.


Although he is usually competent and focused, he sometimes uses his mailbag as a weapon, breaking the contents inside, or using them for his own purposes. Luckily, the Evil Postmaster doesn't mind, saying "we're evil, deal with it".


  • Evil Postmaster - Despite what you'd expect from someone only known as the "Evil Postmaster", Mailman X has nothing but good things to say about his boss.
  • Mailman - Mailman X enjoys antagonizing Mailman while he's on the job, because he thinks it's funny.



  • Mailman X has the exact same signature as Mailman, but draws a giant red X with an exclamation mark after it to differentiate himself. Other villains think it's tacky.
    • He could probably steal Mailman's identity with this if he wanted to, but he doesn't have any good reason to.