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The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a Fan Fiction wiki that anyone can join and make characters, places, and stories based on the popular MMOG, Club Penguin. The wiki has its own world in that it contains Club Penguin Island and a multitude of other lands near and far inhabited by penguins and puffles.
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Donal Juan Tenorio, nicknamed Don Juan and commonly known as Donal J. Tenorio, is a wealthy businessman who is known for his ability to make the ladies swoon. His charm and wit as a player starkly trumps that of Swiss Ninja. As a result, despite his great wealth from his candy empire, Mr. Tenorio remains single.

In 2016, Mr. Tenorio launched his campaign to become president of the USA. He became well-known for his inflammatory statements, most notably his calls to build a wall along the Polarian border while making them pay for it, and his proposed ban on all X-Antibodies from entering the USA, as well as registering all X-Antibodies in a database. Less controversially, he wants to deport all Mwa Mwa Penguins.

Although his campaign in 2016 failed, he would again run for president in 2020 and succeed, going on to win a second term in 2024. His presidency, which was arguably only brought about by significant foreign influence, oversaw a great decline in the USA's power across Antarctica, even with its largest competitor, Shops Island, being destroyed during his tenure. His presidency was dogged with a number of political scandals, most of which involve electoral fraud committed by Snowzerland and Polarian or Acadian-level corruption. His inflammatory statements and rhetoric also followed him to the presidency, where he caused numerous incidents, made a mockery of the USA and had no concern for the rule of law.

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TheBroMaster, or more commonly known as Bro is an irreplaceable and talented user that has written many universe defining war stories and entertaining stories that never fail to disappoint. Formerly an admin until resigning, Bro has never failed to keep the wiki in check, and is one of the more senior users on the network. Some of Bro's finest work include the Red and Blue series of adventures, Frosian War, and Shops Island. In spite of his seemingly intimidating demeanor, Bro is one of the most friendly users, and always has two cents to give in regards to whatever is being worked on.

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