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The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a Fan Fiction wiki that anyone can join and make characters, places, and stories based on the popular MMOG, Club Penguin. The wiki has its own world in that it contains Club Penguin Island and a multitude of other lands near and far inhabited by penguins and puffles.
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The Finipines, named in full as The Democratic Republic of the Finipines, is an archipelago located in the Asiapelago. It is a relatively friendly country that maintains contact with its neighbors, and constantly tries to unify itself despite physical and cultural barriers. It is a member of the Western Union, a political, economic and military union of nations, as of 1 April 2018.

It was initially colonized by Castilla for about 300 years before being liberated by the High Penguin Confederacy. From there, the Finipines remained friendly contact with its neighbors before the coming of the Khanzem war. It retained a neutral stance while allowing refugees to come into the country. It continued to live in peace until it underwent martial law under Marcos Stolleya. He would later be ousted by a peaceful series of protests, and a corporate government would be adapted. This would fall apart once more when Maharlika comes into the picture, whose penguin rights abuse and corruption cases lead to a coup d'etat and civil war. The government shifted back to its former democratic republic, undergoing major reformations and a civil war before opening its doors to bigger, better international relations.

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TheBroMaster, or more commonly known as Bro is an irreplaceable and talented user that has written many universe defining war stories and entertaining stories that never fail to disappoint. Formerly an admin until resigning, Bro has never failed to keep the wiki in check, and is one of the more senior users on the network. Some of Bro's finest work include the Red and Blue series of adventures, Frosian War, and Shops Island. In spite of his seemingly intimidating demeanor, Bro is one of the most friendly users, and always has two cents to give in regards to whatever is being worked on.

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A meeting between Lavender and Brant Esser; made by TheBroMaster.

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  • June 6: D-Day - The Allied forces invade Nazi-occupied Normandy, beginning the fall of the fascist occupation of Europe, in 1944.
  • June 13: User:Star kirby12's birthday! 🎉🎉🎉


  • June 1: Simon McClark re-elected to a second term as president of the United Provinces.
  • June 8: Controversial Acadian president Brant Esser announces he will not stand for reelection in his country's December 2019 presidential elections.
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