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The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a Fan Fiction wiki that anyone can join and make characters, places, and stories based on the popular MMOG, Club Penguin. The wiki has its own world in that it contains Club Penguin Island and a multitude of other lands near and far inhabited by penguins and puffles.
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Scrubs are a peculiar group of penguins who are present throughout Antarctica. They are not an ethnic group like high penguins or khanz penguin, but rather scrubs are identified by their personal characteristics and behavior. Those who coined the term "scrub" say that typical scrub behavior involves excessive whining, being generally annoying, and participating in "cringey" activities. A scrub or other penguin who participates in said activities is said to be engaging in "Scrubbery". Interestingly enough, even though scrubs are classified by how they act, this label is only applied to penguins; puffles got lucky and are never referred to as scrubs.

Scrubs are widely considered to be a nuisance across Antarctica, although many observers note that the treatment they receive in response to their behavior can be disproportionately harsh, often verging on bullying. Multiple "scrubs' rights" movements have propped up across the continent recently, urging for equal treatment and respect towards scrubs and non-scrubs alike. The title of "scrub" is often seen as an insult and a derogatory term by those who have been branded as such, given the negative connotations surrounding its use.

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Penguinpuffdude, since joining the wiki back in September 2016, has made her way to becoming one of the most productive and hardworking users on the wiki. Aside from her many outstanding original articles, she has also taken on the task of salvaging several forgotten articles slated for deletion in Project:Delet this. When she's not expanding articles, she can often be seen in the recent changes helping out with rating the many articles with outdated or nonexistent quality ratings.

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  • March 5: Simon McClark, per a private agreement between his Liberal Democratic Party and the Conservative and Unionist Party, appoints conservative Patrick Smith as his Prime Minister, who is voted in with a majority in the Parliament.
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