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Welcome to the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Serving over 4,960 articles since September 3rd, 2008

About The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki

The Club Penguin Fanon Wiki is a Fan Fiction wiki that anyone can join and make characters, places, and stories based on the popular MMOG, Club Penguin. The wiki has its own world in that it contains Club Penguin Island and a multitude of other lands near and far inhabited by penguins and puffles.
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Featured Article

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The first ever fanon characters special, Fanon Characters Halloween Special 2009! is about a ragtag group of characters who celebrate the spooky holiday with igloo to igloo trick or treating. Dressed in all sorts of wacky costumes, they enjoy each others company until things go a little awry...

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Recently Featured: Doctor John Barrbuh - Penstubal Post - The Tightrope Act

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Did you know...


    • ...that it's not easy being green?
    • ...that Kermit is left-handed?
    • ...that Kermit's Autograph is highly sought after by fans and collectors?
    • ...that Kermit has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
    • ...that Kermit has written four books?
    • ...that Kermit is a Saint in at least seven countries?
    • ...that Kermit has an honorary doctorate degree in Amphibious Letters?
    • ...that Kermit has saved the Weekee (and the CPWN!) many times?
    • ...that the Hyalinobatrachium dianae, a species of frog discovered in 2015, is named after Kermit?
    • ...that Kermit's birthday is May 9th?

Featured User


Wikipenguino new.png

Since joining the wiki only two years ago, Wikipenguino has become a major member of the Fanon community. His writing abilities and and creativity can be clearly seen in his many articles, including an astounding total of 5 ultra quality articles. His notable contributions include Wikipenguino45, the tropical nation of Tropicalis, the villainous S.H.A.R.K., and many more! He has also written several stories, including the currently under production Project Shadow, and participated in collaborations with other users. Keep up the great work!

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Featured Image

Jackson O. Lantern.png

A drawing of Jackson O. Lantern, made by Wikipenguino45.

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The News



  • September 3: The 10th anniversary of the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki!
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The Club Penguin Wiki is your #1 for all canonical things related to Club Penguin. At the Club Penguin Shops Wiki, you create your own malls, missions, newspapers and RPGs. Club Penguin Archives is a site dedicated to preserving Club Penguin's history.


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