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The Major Hockey League is the tier-one professional ice hockey league of the United States of Antarctica. It was formed from the fallen Colonial Hockey League. Its championship is the World Hockey Cup, and minor trophies are the Number One Trophy, for having the best record in the league, the Prince of Antarctica Trophy, for qualifying for the WHC Finals in the Antarctica Conference, and the James Southland Bowl, for qualifying for the WHC Finals in the South Pole Conference.


After the fall of the Colonial Hockey League (1932-2000), Antarctican Penguin Steve Vogt was thirsty for ice hockey returning to Club Penguin and all of Antarctica. So on March 4, 2001, he announced a new hockey league that would hopefully revive the CHL. The first teams to play were Blue Iceterns, Red Phoenixes, Oranje Flamerpuffles, Purple Warriors, Yellow Snowcats, and Green Lumberjacks, all in the CHL. It wasn't until October 5th of 2005 that the hockey league was to start. When it started, the Major Hockey League now had 4 new teams, Pengolian PWNERS, Weddell Shields, Antarctica Magna and Shiverpool Sailors, for a total of 10 different teams.


(The parentheses beside the teams names is what they are a parody of, and also notes about the team.)

  • Blue Iceterns
  • Red Phoenixes
  • Oranje Flamerpuffles
  • Purple Warriors
  • Yellow Snowcats
  • Green Lumberjacks
  • Pengolian PWNERS (Columbus Blue Jackets)
  • Weddell Shields (Buffalo Sabres)
  • Antarctica Magna (South Pole City) (Washington Capitals)
  • Shiverpool Sailors (Nashville Predators)
  • Pengu Town IHC (St. Louis Blues)
  • Gemini Gallies (Anaheim Ducks)
  • East Bank City Royals (New York Islanders)
  • Ross Island Adelies (Ottawa Senators)
  • Aquarius Rangers (New York Rangers)
  • Polaris Pines (Detroit Red Wings)
  • Club Penguin IHC (Edmonton Oilers)
  • Snowville Snowdown (New Jersey Devils)
  • Penguville Rulers (Los Angeles Kings)
  • Polaris Roarers (Florida Panthers)
  • Newton Town Wings (Winnipeg Jets)
  • Bakunyumoria Fury (Colorado Avalanche)
  • Ice City Winter (Toronto Maple Leafs/Leaves for the grammatically correct)
  • Enerby Superteam (Vancouver Canucks)
  • Club Penguin Fire (Calgary Flames)
  • Tel A Phon Melody (Chicago Blackhawks)
  • Snowzerland-Snowbourne High Penguins (Pittsburgh Penguins)
  • Fanon City Sky (Dallas Stars)
  • Philly Cheesesteak Jetpacks (Philadelphia Flyers)
  • Finestade LegendFish (San Jose Sharks)
  • Forever Fighters (East Bank City) (Montreal Canadiens)
  • Dellaroma Darkness (Minnesota Wild)
  • Neo Domino Creatures (Arizona Coyotes)
  • Blizzardville Wishes (Columbus Blue Jackets)
  • Penguville Polar Bears (Boston Bruins)
  • Antarctic Peninsula Thunder (Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • UnitedTerra Storm (Carolina Hurricanes)
  • Shops Island Sliders (Vegas Golden Knights)
  • Mcdonalds All Stars (Chicago Blackhawks)

Former teams[edit]

  • Snowville Skuas (Atlanta Thrashers)
  • Flywish Island SpaceSky (Minnesota North Stars)
  • Newton Town Wings (CHL) (The original Winnipeg Jets)
  • Snowville Fire (Atlanta Flames)
  • Tuxedo Sailor (Hartford Whalers)

Current Teams under former names[edit]

  • Snowville Snowsaints (Now called the Neo Domino Creatures.)


Antarctican Conference[edit]

Ice Division[edit]

Snow Division[edit]

  • Antarctica Magna
  • Newton Town Wings
  • Polaris Roarers
  • Antarctic Peninsula Thunder
  • UnitedTerra Storm

Slush Division[edit]

  • Penguville Polar Bears
  • Weddell Shields
  • Forever Fighters
  • Ross Island Adelies
  • Ice City Winter

Color Division A[edit]

South Pole Conference[edit]

Sea Division[edit]

  • Tel A Phon Melody
  • Blizzardville Wishes
  • Polaris Pines
  • Shiverpool Sailors
  • Pengu Town IHC

Pine Division[edit]

  • Club Penguin Fire
  • Club Penguin IHC
  • Bakunyumoria Fury
  • Dellaroma Darkness
  • Enerby Superteam

Skate Division[edit]

  • Gemini Gallies
  • Fanon City Sky
  • Penguville Rulers
  • Neo Domino Creatures
  • Finestade LegendFish
  • Shops Island Sliders

Color Division B[edit]

  • Yellow Snowcats
  • Purple Warriors
  • Oranje Flamerpuffles


  • This is a parody of the NHL.
  • The Ice and Snow division is the first division to reach 6 teams.

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