Major Sheep

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Major Sheep
Major Sheep
Title His awesomeness, the supreme and utter (former) lord of Baaa!.
Gender Male
Race Sheep
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Major William Sheep is a disgraced PSF trooper and former ruler of the island of Baaa!. He is wanted for a number of crimes by just about every law enforcement agency on the continent. These crimes include theft, fraud, assault, money laundering, smuggling, weapons smuggling, illegal ownership of weapons and war crimes.


Like his brother, he was sucked through a hole in the fourth wall. He also gained the ability to speak (somehow), and joined the PSF. Being an excellent sharpshooter and leader, he rose to the rank of Major. On the 16th of March 2009, his navy discovered the island of Baaa!. He claimed it for himself. Then, they populated it and built 7 different cities. In late 2009, he was all set to become a Colonel. There was only one other candidate for the promotion.

On the 11th of October, he was discovered stuffing Deletion Crystals into the desk drawer of his rival. He was arrested, discharged from the organisation, and stripped of all his medals. To add insult to injury, the other Major got the promotion too.

On the day of his trial, the prison guards came to his cell to find a hole in the window bars, and no Major Sheep. It is unknown how he escaped. After escaping, he recruited some PSF troopers who were still loyal to him, and started a criminal organisation. He declared himself "Supreme Ruler for Life" of Baaa!. It became sort of a country. Sort of. No other countries really recognised it. It was annexed by Duck Island in 2016.

Before being arrested, the Major had built up a large sum of money. He used his black market contacts to find the location of three nukes. He had a group of his militia intercept the missiles and transport them back to Baaa!. Soon after that, he launched one of them. However, Sheepman destroyed the missile before it destroyed the USA, and Major Sheep didn't launch the other two missiles. When Duck Island annexed Baaa!, the two remaining nukes were returned to USA.

When Baaa! was annexed by Duck Island, Major Sheep escaped. Later, he was invited to join The Evil Something by QuaXerpingu. He joined, and he is now working for it.


He looks like a Shprogshel, with a few differences. His wool is white, he walks on two feet, and front legs (or arms) end in hands instead of hooves. Unlike his brother, he has no robotic arm. Also, his eyes are red.


  • His eyes weren't red before he became evil.
  • He forces his troopers to wear sheep costumes.

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