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The Malesian Armed Forces act as Malesia's official military. They are generally weak, relying largely on Shops Island's military for protection and reinforcement. Most of their equipment is imported from other countries as well. Shops Island and Puffle'and are the largest suppliers of military equipment for Malesia. Ever since the Shopper purchase of Malesia, the Malesian Armed Forces have been treated as a subsidiary of the larger and more organized Shopper Armed Forces, much like the Frosian Warriors.

The military is a puppet of the SIA; the Malesian Armed Forces has inherited much of the SIA's weaponry and equipment. Though both armies bear a striking resemblance, the Malesian Armed Forces are much more typical in their equipment decoration and soldier uniforms compared to the Shoppers.


A Malesian ship in service during the 1960's and 70's.

Malesia's army was founded on September 2nd 1963, just days after Malé island gained independence from Puffle'and. The Malesian Armed Forces took after and resembled the armies of those around them. When Broneo island merged with Malé, the military also began to serve and protect Broneo. Their military, apart from some small clashes with Hindonesië, is generally inactive, holding the policy of neutrality as dear as they can. Ever since Shops Island became tied to Malesia, the Shoppers have helped in boosting up the Malesian Armed Forces in efforts of it modeling the SIA military.

Throughout their time in existence, Malesia's military has kept up with buying the newest military advancements while keeping older models. They still use equipment that was in use thirty years ago. This helps them in cutting costs, making Malesia's Armed Forces a relatively cheap entity in comparison to other militaries of its size.

Armed Forces[edit]


The Malesian army is reminiscent of Puffle'and's, Malesia's colonial parent. The army uses a wide array of guns, tanks, armored vehicles, missiles, and other weapons to serve their purposes. Around 80,000 of the penguins in the Malesian Armed Forces are under the army, with another 50,000 penguins in reserve positions in the army. Their stated purpose is to dominate and defend Malesian soil.

Air Force[edit]

Like the army, the air force of the Malesian Armed Forces resembles that of the air force of Puffle'and. Its official title is the Royal Malesian Air Force, but is called by just the air force most of the time. They have just over 200 aircraft in service as of now, all of which come in varying varieties and brands. The air force has many bases located all over the Malé island, and some on Broneo Island. Malesia's air force is known for its lack of effective fighter aircraft in contrast to the rest of its fleet, most of which consists of cargo and transport craft.


The Royal Malesian Navy has a wide range of ships and submarines at their disposal; Malesia's navy is often considered the pride of their forces. The navy follows traditions from both the Puffish navy and the Sleetish navy. All ships in the navy are commissioned with the formal prefix of "KD" or "LOL". Although, most ships use the prefix of KD. They have a total of about 60 ships and 40 submarines in their fleet, which is considerable for forces of their small size.


A typical Malesian soldier in their armor.

Malesian soldiers are not as well decorated, nor as well trained as those in the likes of Shops Island or Zhou. They wear camouflaged armor, much like a mix of an RDA Clone Trooper and a soldier's outfit colors from the Seal Islands. Malesia only allows males to operate in combative army positions; females are restricted to naval and maintenance jobs.




Malesian Armed Forces
Malesia's Army Jack
Founded September 2, 1963
Current form Military
Service branches Army, Navy, Air Force
Headquarters Kuala LOLpour
Military age 18
Available for
military service
110,000, age 16 - 50
Fit for
military service
170,000, age 16 - 50
Active personnel 110,000
Reserve personnel 190,000
Budget 4 Billion WB$
Percent of GDP 2%
Domestic suppliers ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Foreign suppliers UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Sleetden.png Sleetden
USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Snowzerland Flag.png Alemania Flag.png Osterreach Flag.png German States
Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Annual imports Weapons, Ships, Artillery
Gun Type Maker
Golding High-Force Semi-Automatic Pistol Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland
Beckler & Göch O9 Semi-Automatic Pistol Alemania Flag.png Alemania
Styrile AUX Assault Rifle Osterreach Flag.png Osterreach
M7 Carbon Assault Rifle USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
M-32 Assault Rifle USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Rover Rifle Works M8 Sniper Rifle USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Precision Antarctic Combat Sniper Rifle UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
FRP Mini Light Machine Gun Alemania Flag.png South Alemania
N-910 General-Purpose Machine Gun Snowzerland Flag.png Snowzerland


Artillery Type Maker
MRK 91 Grenade Launcher USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
M-302 Grenade Launcher USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Malor SGD Grenade Launcher ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
P8 8x8mm Mortar Mortar UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and


Missile Type Maker
EPF Reaper Air-Defense Missile UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Snowdust Surface-to-air Missile Air-Defense Missile UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Fay-Nuu-Six Air-Defense Missile Asaina flag.png Zhou
JK47 Igloo Air-Defense Missile Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
MDRX YPRES Anti Tank Missile FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
993K Obwoah Anti Tank Missile Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
990C-LE (M11) Anti Tank Missile Flag of Castilla.png Castilla
55-Karl Gustav Anti Tank Missile Sleetden.png Sleetden

Air Force[edit]


Fighter Type Maker
Sakai 43-SAST Fighter Jet Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
Neekoyan NEY-92 Fighter Jet Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
Snowing A-18 Wasp Fighter Jet USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
FRA Falcon Fighter Jet UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
Southdrop A-15 Fighter Jet USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Shopper Fighter V2 Fighter Jet ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Shopper Stealth Fighter Stealth Fighter Jet ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island


Transport Type Maker
Windbust B-600P Transport FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Hawksteed A-031 Transport UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and
CAS IB-213 Transport FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Shopper Transport Jet Transport ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island


Helicopter Type Maker
Ivan NG-91 Transport Helicopter Ruscoe Federation Flag.png Rusca
Igor Air King Transport Helicopter USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Ninjachopper AC-211 Combat Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png AU
Eastland Skua Combat UK Flag 2.png Puffle'and


Bomber Type Maker
Shopper Heavy Bomber Heavy Bomber ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Shopper Super Bomber Super Bomber ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island



Ship Type Maker
Smasher SI-9000 Warship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Crasher SI-9001 Warship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Karl V Warship Sleetden.png Sleetden
Basher POD Search Ship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Heldingbrog Slerige Corvette Sleetden.png Sleetden
Corrupto Fasciso Corvette Liguria Flag.png Liguria


Submarine Type Maker
Pantora Bonteri Submarine FrancterreFlag.png Frankterre
Nördskälvard U-2 Submarine Sleetden.png Sleetden


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