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Bonsai tree pin player card.PNG
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Outstanding
Level 39
Status Unknown
Location Lavaheart (Formerly Club Penguin Island
Occupation President of Lavaheart Island
Interests Industrialization of Lavaheart Island
Friends None at the moment
Enemies None at the moment
Archetype Good

Manbu3 (AKA "Manbu the Third) is the president of Lavaheart Island and an agent in the Elite Penguin Force Antarctican Division 2. He is the son of Alexis, the grandson of Manbu Sr., the father of Manbu4, and formerly the son of Manbu Jr. until his death. He is 39 years old and working on the industrialization of Lavaheart.


Manbu3 was born on January 1st, 1974 on Club Penguin Island. His father was Manbu Jr. (AKA Manbu2)and his mother is Alexis. He was raised in an impoverished section of South Pole City. When he was 7 years old, his parents moved back to Club Penguin Island where he spent his youth and teenage years. When he turned 17 he started working at the Coffee Shop, where he met Ballcotton, who he believed was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Him and Ballcotton started dating up until he was 22 and proposed to her. Their wedding was held in the Plaza. The two lived together until Ballcotton disappeared on February 9th, 2004. Manbu3 grieved and lived by himself and his one green puffle, Flit for a year.

Much of this point of his life was forgotten by both him and all who knew him. All that is known is that he moved back to South Pole City and became very depressed.

In 2008 he moved back to Club Penguin and became an agent in the Elite Penguin Force (Antarctican division 2). Two years later he became a father, his new son being Manbu4. Nobody knows who the mother is except Manbu3, but many suspect it is in fact, Ballcotton. In 2012 he discovered a volcanic island which he named Lavaheart. He and his son moved there along with many others and haven't moved back since.


  • Manbu has a stalker. Nobody knows who it is.
  • He is now the president of Lavaheart Island.
  • His son is Manbu4
  • Some believe Ballcotton is Manbu4's mother, but only Manbu3 knows who the true mother is.