Manifest Destiny Treaty

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Manifest Destiny Treaty
Author Shops Island, Margate, Amataria, Snowiny
Country Shops, Margate, Amataria, Snowiny
Language English
Genre Treaty and Proclamation
Publisher UAN
Published June 2013
Media type Imperialism
Followed by Moon Colonization Treaty

The Manifest Destiny Treaty was a treaty written and signed by Shops Island, Margate, Amataria, and Snowiny. It was accepted and ratified by the UAN shortly after. The treaty entitles these nations' rights to conquer and annex any country that is failing, is an international pariah, or is a constant nuisance and is more expensive to keep going than what it's worth. It was rescinded, with support from the original signatories, in late 2016 after Acadia and Duck Island expressed interest in signing it.

Out of the four countries, two colonies each were invaded by Shops Island (FRG and South Flystonia) and Snowiny (Ed Island and Okan), and one colony each was invaded by Margate (Clearwater Island) and Amataria (North Flystonia).

The Culldrome Isles and Castilla were also invited to signed, but Castilla turned down the offer. Culldrome never replied.

Margate later pulled out of the agreement after discovering that the treaty was used as an excuse by imperialist nations to conquer weak nations. They noted that while the nations had reason to conquer, it should be through negotiations, not through war. Even though, they forcefully annexed the Rock Union, not only avoiding negotiations, but breaching the Rock Union Sovereignty Treaty in the process.

United Provinces pulled out of the treaty in September 2016, stating it was an made to "make world conquest easier for imperialists". Acadia and Duck Island tried to sign the treaty around this time, but it was rescinded shortly after.


Some weak, pariah, and worthless countries were given an "exempt" status in name of the treaty. These include nations that are essential to the international economy, but face threats from the signatory nations (Shops, Margate, Snowiny, Amataria).

List of Exempt Countries[edit]

Opposition and Criticism[edit]

  • The Snoss and North Joseonean Governments have condemned the treaty, considering it to be "a secret alliance to destroy the sovereignty of our nations". Both nations threaten to use their nuclear weapons if they are provoked.
  • The Castillan Government has laughed at the treaty because they "have done what the treaty promises without the need for a treaty. [The Castillans] will not sign it because this treaty already supports [Castillan] military expansion rationale". The Castillans do not feel threatened by this treaty nor do they have any concern for it.


  • This is one of the first interactions between Snowiny, Margate and Amataria, which eventually led to the three countries entering a partnership (via the Western Union).