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Country United States of Antarctica
Headquarters Manletsburg City Hall
Population 834,298
General information
Native name Manletsburg
Foreign name Manletsburg
Demonym Manletsburger
Founded 1870s

Manletsburg is a city in northern Trans-Antarctica, and is the fifth largest city in Trans-Antarctica, with a population of about 800,000 as of 2019, and is also the county seat of Manlet County, which is named for the city. The city also has a metropolitan area of around 1.7 million, making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in Trans-Antarctica. As the only major city for hundreds of miles coming from west or south, Manletsburg is an important stopping point for travelers, and is also a minor cultural center for northern Trans-Antarctica and southeastern Antarctic Peninsula.

The city was founded by a businessman in the late 1800s, who was sometimes known as "the Manlet" due to his short stature, though he was not related to the famous hockey player Chad Thunderbeak, who is more often known as Hockey Manlet in any way. Manletsburg was originally a small farming town known as Johnstown, but it would grow after a railway station was built in the city. It remained as a somewhat bustling small town for the following decades until the city began to grow significantly during the 1970s, and would continue to grow into a major city in Trans-Antarctica by the 2000s.


Manletsburg was originally founded by a businessman in the 1870s who had purchased large tracts of land in the surrounding area to farm the land. Eventually, a small community known as Johnstown, named after the founder, was established along the river that ran through the area, with the businessman as its first mayor. The town was originally very small, with only a few establishments, but a rail line was built in the 1880s with a stop in the town, connecting it with the rest of Antarctica, and Johnstown grew as more and more knew about the town and began to move there.

Eventually, the inhabitants began to call the town "Manletsburg", after the founder, who was known for its short stature, and the name stuck after his death. The railroad station at the town helped to foster its growth, and Manletsburg would continue to grow over the next few decades, albeit at a small rate, and its economy was mostly based on farming. The town was occupied during the Khanzem War by the forces of Khanzem, and was held for years until it was liberated by the Good Guys in 1918 during the final offensive on the capital of Khanzem, as it was located deep in Khanzem territory.

After the war, the population began to decrease due to the destruction left by the Khanzem War, and many others began to move away. However, over the next few years, the population of Manletsburg would begin to grow again, and soon reached its prewar numbers. Manletsburg began to industrialize after the Khanzem War in the 1920s as some factories were built in the outskirts of the city, which began to change the city's economy from being dependent on agriculture to instead being dependent on manufacturing, and many more would move to Manletsburg to work in the city's factories.

The city was occupied by Puffish forces during the Antarctic Revolution, but was soon liberated by a rebel army, though it would change hands between the Puffish and the rebels again during the war. After the United States of Antarctica was established after the war, and many began to move to the sparsely populated Trans-Antarctica, thousands moved to Manletsburg, increasing the population to about 700,000 by 2005. Some large companies also established themselves in Manletsburg, and the city was influenced by the technological center in Hashville, located two hours away from the city.







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