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Manny X
Manny X.png
Proffesional Suer and Attorney. Who needs phone numbers for guys like him?
Title Nightmare's Lawyer (formerly)
Gender Male
Race X-Antibody
Faction Nightmare's Army (formerly)
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status At a Court.
Location Do I even know?
Occupation Making sure his client (s> sues as much as possible.
Interests Court, money
Friends Nightmare, his clients
Enemies Anyone who he can convince Nightmare to sue.
Archetype Villain

Manny X is the X-Antibody of Manny Peng and one of the most evil antibodies at that. He works as Nightmare's lawyer and will try and convince her to sue almost anyone he thinks has a decent amount of money. He a wretched penguin, but to his credit he hasn't lost a case once. Unlike Manny Peng, he's very sophisticated and talks with a British Accent. He was the sixth antibody made with REM sleep. He now works a lawyer/attorney since Nightmare's death.


It all started when Manny Penguin caught the X-Virus at Owcatraz due to some infected fish he ate. He couldn't do anything except lay there and look at the glass dome that was keeping him imprisoned with all the water around it. He had to have two prison gaurds lift him up onto a couch just so he could watch Elmo. He tried to remain happy though and even mad eup several songs about being paralyzed. Then one day he noticed that a large red X had appeared on his forehead. He screamed, but he couldn't move which made him cry. His head was hurting like he had just ramed it into the Tallest Mountain after sticking it into a fireplace. Then he coughed up a large black substance and the X disapeared. He then realised that he could once again move and jumped up and down cheering. He soon stopped however when he noticed a penguin who looked quite similar to him (except of coarse for the suit, breifcase, and reading glasses) standing where the goop used to be. Their conversation went something like this.

"What sort of revolting excuse for a home is this? They don't even got anything good on the telie!"

Manny just stared at the penguin as he had no idea what he had just said. Then the penguin walked up to Manny.

"You there my good penguin. Would you mind explaining to me what this wretched place is?"

"This pwison. It stinky pwace. No chocwates or tum tums!"

The penguin looked shocked.

"UGH! I must be in the mental institution."

He then began to bang on the glass walls.

"I DEMAND TO BE SET FREE FROM THIS CESSPOOL! I'LL SUE YOU IDIOTS! &#$#%*^##^&#[email protected]#@@@!!!!

Manny Peng realized what was going on, and some gaurds came rushing in. They recognised Manny X as an X-Antibody and were terrified and what he might do to them. They lifted their hands up and told him he could leave if he didn't hurt them. Not knowing why they were afraid of him he simply thanked them and left the building.

A few days later Manny X (as he was called by many) had gotten a job as a lawyer and was suprisingly good at his job. He won his clients a lot of money and soon became quite wealthy. One night however he was visited by his creator Nightmare. He was quite terrified of her and told her to exit his estate or that he'll sue her. She simply laughed and entered his dream. She then showed him visions of penguins stealing his money and him loosing cases which made him terrified. She told him that he had no future among these penguins and that he would have everything he would ever want if he came with her. Manny X agreed imediatley and using her powers Nightmare teleported his estate all the way to Nightmare Crater where he's lived ever since.


Manny X played a slight part in the Nightmare Epic where he acted as Nightmare's Lawyer and told everyone who fought against her would loose their money in the blink of an eye. He sued various people such as Explorer 767, Speeddasher, Tails6000, Kwiksilver and even Mayor McFlapp.


Unlike the other Antibodies, Manny X has no extreme super power. What he lacks in power though, he makes up for in extreme skill at his job and intelligence. He's shown to be around the same intelligence level as Fred, a level that very few end up reaching.


As said above, Manny X isn't all that good in battle due to his lack of powers. However, Manny X is very intelligent.


  • He loves to yell OBJECTION!
  • Flywish once tried to hire him as his lawyer.
  • Unlike his fellow Antibody siblings, and despite the visions Nightmare puts in his head, Manny X has claimed he has no extreme hatred towards penguins. He simply views them as a weaker species and that it's simply part of the natural cycle that Antibodies eliminate them.

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