Map Marker 3000

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Map Marker 3000
Doing what it does best.
Type Convenience
Effects Helps penguins remember exactly where they're going.
Source Local convenience stores/G
Location Special Distribution by G
Cost to buy 900 coins (no new copies are currently being made)
Cost to sell 700 coins

The Map Marker 3000 is a device designed by, and distributed by, G during a special event.


The Map Marker was built by Gary after he got lost in the woods and his map let him down. Don't you hate it when you have a map, but you keep forgetting where your location is? The Map Marker marks your current location by using satellite technology through its built-in compass, and can also be controlled manually with its two levers. Convenience at its finest. Gary handed these out for free during an event. Eraser attachment sold separately.


Please note, that only Gary has ever made these. These are steps you'd follow if you were to make one.

  • First, the base is carved out of wood. It just gets more complex from there.
  • Second, the wiring and levers are put in after being manufactured elsewhere.
  • Third, the compass is installed after the machine is properly wired.
  • Fourth, the metal arm is attached and wired, and after that the crayon (choice color) is fitted into the metal arm.
  • Fifth, both Auto and Manual settings are tested before it can be released to the public.
  • Sixth, an eraser attachment is created in case the user needs to erase. The attachments actually cost money.


  • Gary always keeps one of these in his lab.
  • Currently, no more at being made, but occasionally you can find one at a yard sale.
  • You may have seen one in PSA Mission 9: Spy and Seek.

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