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Republic of the Sovereign Maps Island
2004–2009 DREM

National Flag

Money brings happiness.
Maps City and the green area.
Capital Maps City
Government Democracy
 -  2004 - 2009 IrishProvo1916
Historical era The first colony on Maps Island.
 -  An expedition to the new lands. January, 2004
 -  Colonisation 2004
 -  Good years 2004-early 2005
 -  Bad, crisis years 2005-2009
 -  Collapse
 -  Collapse and split. May, 2009
 -  2009 est. 18,567 
Currency Dollar
Today part of Maps flag.png Maps Union

Maps Island was a lonely island country not in the USA. It was a country, but in May 2009 it split into two countries - Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island and Confederate Republic of Western Maps Island. They are both independent from the other one. They were isolated by their rulers, but they were neutral to themselves. Everyone feared that the divided nations on one island are going on a direct path to a serious conflict. Maps Island as a whole is the largest teleporting map and teleporter provider of all places in Antarctica. However, after the Snoss-Castillan War, the countries were reunited as the Maps Union


Maps Island was discovered by IrishProvo1916 in 2004. He, together with the other 18 explorers wanted to leave the USA and find a lone settlement to live on. The idea of a country didn't work well, as the island was isolated, which means no trade, which means no money, so the island's population was poor. It remained like that until 2011. In the last days of unity, the government tried to improve the island's bad economical state.

In 2009, many penguins weren't happy with Irish ruling them, so they split the country to two different republics that erupted into civil war.

Border conflict and Civil War[edit]

See also: Snoss-Castillan War#Chapter 4:The Maps Island Conflicts, Maps Union

On May 31, 2009, the Maps' leader IrishProvo "abdicated", leaving a hole in the government. The Confederate Republic of Western Maps Island was formed on May 31st, and the Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island was formed on June 7th, 2009. Initially, the two governments got along peacefully. However, on February 1st, 2011, a civil war of sorts erupted between the two sides, who had claimed land beyond each other's borders. It became a part of the larger Snoss-Castillan War when Kaiser Swiss Ninja went to the CRWM, killed King Humuhumunukunukuapua'a I, and claimed the throne for himself. Castilla thus decided to back the DREM and their president, Carter.

Eventually, the Snoss were defeated on the island and in the war, and the Maps Union was created from the DREM in 2011.


Many penguins live there a 2009 census showed that there were 18,567 penguins and 5,007 puffles. Most live in Maps City, some live in the small outer countryside, about 20 square miles in size.