Maps Island (island)

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Maps Island
Maps island terrain. Darker green are lower places, orange and brown are hills.
Incorporation of the island.
Key details
Type Island
Level 100
Location North from Weddell, East from the DWR.
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles.

Maps Island is an island located north of Weddell and east from DWR that is currently the epicenter of an ongoing border conflict between the Liberation of Mapsian Territories, the Confederate Republic of Western Maps Island and the Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island. It was founded in 2004 by IrishProvo1916 as the Republic of Maps, but was soon separated into two entities: the CRWM and the DREM in 2009. In 2011, the LMT declared a war against the two republics and unofficially established the Sovereign Entity of Maps Island.


Origins and Pre-Recognition[edit]

Maps Island was an isolated island up north that remained uninhabited for most of the first millennia. In the second millennia several penguins swam to Maps Island and settled there, establishing a community they call Krinjali, referring to the geographical location being "invisible in any part of the Antarctic map". As many did not know the location of the island, it was usually FAR behind the advancement of its far-away neighbours. It is said that in the eighteenth century, the Mapsian population has yet to establish a government.

In the 1800s, several explorers set out on a journey to find the "mysterious island up north". Their maps, enlarged significantly, depicted a small island hundreds of miles above Antarctica. The group was never to be heard again. When examined two hundred years later, it was revealed that the area had no landform above sea level and that the nearest landmass was Maps Island, about 3km or less than two miles away.

Founding and Recognition[edit]

Eventually in 2004, IrishProvo1916, along with eighteen other explorers, set out to embark on the journey that its predecessors never accomplished. They eventually landed on Maps Island which, compared to the rapid advancement of Dorkugal, was said to be living "literally in the stone age", as one traveller described. IrishProvo1916, though, acknowledged that it was too isolated to be able to advance. He established the Republic of Maps, which, although recognized by all states in Antarctica, had little trade with each other. The island still made some progress, such as the establishment of a constituition and government.

In 2009, the South Pole Council agreed to accept the RoM as a free republic, which led to generally positive response. It promised more trade and contact. However, trade brought it was slow as it was far for boats to reach and had no airstrip or runway for aircraft to land. This further enraged the citizens and they called for an immediate overthrow of IrishProvo. As part of the Krinjali resolution, the island was split into two entities - both of which were not free republics, the Confederate Republic of Western Maps Island, and the Democratic Republic of Eastern Maps Island.

In 2011, both republics were offered to join the MAI onerepublic, but were unable to accept the offer.

2011 border conflict[edit]

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In February of 2011, the Liberation of Mapsian Territories, a relatively unknown organization, called for "immediate aggression of the people to convince the ruling powers to step down and unite the nation". Starting out as a series of protests, it eventually grew into a civil war between the CRWM, DREM and the LoMT. An unrecognized state, the Sovereign Entity of Maps Island, was formed. In March, the South Pole Council voted for the USA to not recognize any of the three nations, calling for a ceasefire. It is currently classified as a neutral territory.


The island is plain, just with a few hills on the north-east part. It has a special climate with hot summers and incredibly cold winters. There is a forest on the northern part of the isle which is said to remain untouched until the end of the world.