March Through the Fog

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"March Through the Fog"
National Anthem
Released January 2005
Genre Anthem
Length 2:18
Writer Crow Smith, Ninjinian Smith
Composer DJ Crow

"March Through the Fog" is the national anthem of UnitedTerra. After three years since formation without an official national anthem, it debuted in January 2005 to spectacular reception. It was composed by DJ Crow before he reached his peak of fame as a renown producer and artist. The lyrics to the short anthem were written by the two brothers, Ninjinian and Crow Smith. It is a self-pride anthem that boasts the point to never give up and keep on trying. The main lyric of the anthem is "As we march through the fog". As of 2016, it is the first and only national anthem of the country.


The song's instrumental focuses on a very slow, flute-inspired composition with minimal drum sound effects. Lasting for a length of 2 minutes and 18 seconds, Crow's intention was to create a minimalist backing track with a choir in mind to recite the lyrics.


Verse 1
We, will rise
We will be strong
As we, march through the fog
This terrain, that we, waddle on
Will light up the night
As we, march through the fog

(Instrumental break)
Verse 2
The bandana, waves, high in the sky
As we, march through the fog
And we, will, never stop trying
As we, march through the fog
And I, shall, never surrender
Through hardships, regardless of those in our way
As we, march through the fog
As we, march through the fog


Upon its debut on New Years Day, the crowd reacted positively with cheers ringing across Tops Tower Central.

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