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Margate Airlines
Callsign MARGATE
Founded March 17, 1973
Commenced operations August 4, 1973
Hubs Margate City International Airport, Sherbian City Airport
Secondary hubs New Club Penguin International Airport
Focus cities South Pole City International Airport
Frequent flyer program MargatePoints
Airline lounge MargateClub
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Fleet 40
Destinations 52
Company slogan A great way to fly
Parent company MargateFly Inc.
Headquarters 600 International Drive, Margate City

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Margate Airlines is the flag carrier of Margate, and is the fifth largest airline in Antarctica. The airline has a fleet of 90 and has a hub at Margate City International Airport and a focus city at South Pole City International Airport. The airline has 64 destinations, in more than twenty Free Republics and all atates of the USA .It is a privately owned company, owned by MargateHoldings Inc.


Margate Airlines first began it's operations in 1934 as a private airline called Barnes Private Flight Service.

Scheduled passenger and air operations began in 1937 as Barnes Air Service, which commenced operating services between Fjord Lumpur, Margate City and many other destinations. The airline was started by two Antarctic brothers, Theo and Charlie Barnes. The service commenced as a thrice-weekly air service, beginning with a DC-2 aircraft. The inaugural flight departed for Dianton, Margate Cross Island at the then new Kachang Airport. Then, during the separation of the Margate Islands, operations ceased.

The airline recommenced operations in 1963, as Margatian Airway. In 1966, the airline saw rapid expansion, due to the climb of the so-called Early Jet Age of 1966-1988, including the purchase of the airline's first Snowing aircraft, a 707, and the completion of the airline's forty story headquarters in Margate City.

When Margatian Airline System ceased operations in 1972, and reformed again in 1973, they were split into two entities, Margatian Airlines and SherbyAir. Margate Antarctic Airlines kept 10 of the MAS' Snowing 737s, and retained intercontinental routes out of Margatian City to South Pole Airstrip and many other airports across the Antarctic. Female flight attendants started to wear traditional clothing, which became an icon, known as Margatian Gals.

MAA saw rapid growth in the 1970s, as more international routes to other areas of the continent began. It's first international flight was to South Pole City, and from there, the airline started growing, with the first intercontinental flight to Snowdon, Puffle'and on 27th June, 1989.

As Margate merged with more nations, more planes and destinations were absorded into Margate Antarctic Airlines. However, it hit a blockade when SherbyBlue, the national airline of Sherby Hoowounds, refused to merge. After talks, it was decided SherbyBlue would be run by Margate Antarctic Airlies as a budget carrier service.

The airline was later renamed Margate Airlines, due to the change of name from Margate Antarctica Islands to simply Margate.

In 2013, the re-annexation of Nexon to Margate introduced several Airhail 340-500 into the airline, as Nexonan Airways dissolved into the airline


  • Pontrier Dash-8 Q400 (12) (domestic routes (Central and Cross only))
  • Snowing 737-800 (15) (other domestic routes)
  • Snowing 747-800 (15) (international short haul)
  • Snowing 777-900 (5) (international ultra-long haul)
  • Snowing 787-800 (5) international ultra-long haul)
  • Airhail A330-300 (20) (International medium/long haul)
  • Airhail A340-400 (5) (International medium/long haul)
  • Airhail A380-800 (10) (International ultra-long haul)
  • Airhail A340-500 (10) (International medium/long haul)
  • Airhail A350-500 (10) (International medium/long haul)



  • Margate City - Main Hub
  • Muxen-Liad
  • Feizhou
  • Sherbian City
  • Eva
  • Oxtrot
  • Bezul City
  • Lauson City





Ninja Archipelago[edit]

In bold is the hub. In green is the destinations served by SherbyBlue


There are 3 classes: Continental Class, Business Class and Economy Class.

Continental Class[edit]

ContinentalClass is the first class equivalent of Margate Airlines. It is only available on international routes as of May 2013. The class features seats made from fine leather and that can recline to 180° to convert into a small bed for long flights. Other frills include free beverages, snacks, meals and pillows and blankets as well.In addition there are PTVs provided by TonyAntarctica and Free wireless internet by iQubo Communications. Games are also avalable on certain flights. There is also something called SkyStore, where penguins can buy jewelry, watches and other items as well for reasonable prices. Passengers also have access to free shuttles to selected points and hotels in selected cities.

Business Class[edit]

BusinessClass is available on most flights, but the number of seats on board varies. The seats are made of leather that are of a lower-quality than ContinentalClass, and can recline to 150°. Free phone and laptop charging is available, and there are plenty of frills, some of which are free. These includes pillows, blankets, etc. Hot meals are provided, and snacks and drinks can be bought. In addition there are PTVs provided by TonyAntarctica and Free wireless internet by iQubo Communications. Passengers traveling on this class get access to MilesClub and MargateClub if they are travelling distances further than South Pole City (except flights to Club Penguin and Frostize)

Economy Class[edit]

Economy Class is available on all flights, including domestic and international. During domestic flights, seats are made from cotton and polyester, and can recline to 130°. Unlike International Economy Class, passengers traveling in the Domestic Economy do not have entertainment systems, due to the fact that the flight on domestic routes may only be 30 minutes or less. Domestic passengers do not have access to the MilesClub.On International routes, the seats are made from fine leather, and can recline to 130°. There is free in-flight entertainment systems called PTVs which are provided by TonyAntarctica. There is free wireless internet available as well. There are free beverages, snacks and meals available as well. All passengers traveling in this class do not have access to the MilesClub, but get free shuttles to selected hotels at selected destinations. In 2014, MilesClub was made available for penguins flying to destinations with more than 4 hours flight time.

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