Maria Denise

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Maria Denise
She pairs a bikini with a lab coat? Talk about bad style...
Title Maria
Gender Female
Race Gentoo Penguin
Faction She's strange. VERY strange.
Health Amazing
Level 16
Status Alive
Location South Pole City
Occupation Making pasta, riding a motorcycle, being a temple explorer, a cheerleader, and working at a frozen-yogurt shop. (She was fired from all of these jobs.)
Interests Food, video games, exploration
Friends Rocket Slug; Lexi
Enemies Agent Meltie, who switched her shampoo with red hair dye (explaining the color); Irvins; Education
Archetype Good

Maria Denise is a teenage girl who has undertaken many careers in the past. She is described as "strange" and nothing else. She technically owns and operates Maria Pasta, a small but popular Ligurian restaurant in South Pole City.


Not much is known about Maria's past. When she turned 14, she began working for TurtleShroom Industries, a newly minted division of Holyberden that was seeking to expand the company beyond amusement parks and onto "energy", as it was worded.

She was tricked by Agent Meltie, who invited her over for a "girl talk slumber party". The slumber party was more fun than a barrel of Piffles, but Meltie "accidentally" put red hair dye into Maria's shampoo. Since then, she's been trying to fix it, but TurtleShroom and family thinks it looks better that way.

In 2010, she quit working for TurtleShroom Industries. She now works for Ruby Inc., with nine other game-developers.

Since 2010, she has been a member of the Str00del Force, who welcome, condone, and commend her weirdness, urging her to embrace it.


Maria is a socially awkward teenager, but she manages to participate in certain activities and hold jobs. For example, she used to run a frozen-yogurt shop (until she got fired), was a temple explorer after being inspired by Quest for the Golden Puffle,(quit because the puffle was just chocolate), and a high-school cheerleader (quit because the captain brutally defeated her in a video game). She now assists in a twenty-four hour pasta shop named Maria Pasta. She maintains relations with Holyberden and TurtleShroom's family, who have shown strong interest in buying out Maria Pasta.

In the Str00del Force, she delivers goods and messages from different Str00dels to each other using her motorcycle.


  • She is parody of Mona from the WarioWare game series.
  • Awkward situations cause her to do this and run out of the room, terrified.
  • She is often considered and suggested by most game-store owners and developers as "strange."
    • She doesn't know why.


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