Mario Mountains

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Mario Mountains
The Mario Mountains are incredibly stunning.
Key details
Type Mountain Range
Location Eastern Shops Island
Inhabitants Unknown

The Mario Mountains, more commonly referred to as the Chilly Peaks, is a mountain range located along the Penguin County border in Eastern Shops Island. The first penguin that reached the top of the largest mountain (in April 2012) named it Mario Mountain (and proclaimed the entire range as the Mario Mountains) in dedication to Mario Arkay, who was the vice president of Shops at the time.

Bro Town, a small city, is nestled in the mountains, and is home to most penguins residing in the Mario Mountains region. Bro town and its winter sporting resorts have also been credited for bringing fame to the area.


The Mario Mountains were an ominous symbol for penguins living in the vicinity of the mountain range, ever since it was inhabited. Many had tried to climb the tallest mountain in the area, but the first to succeed did so in April 2012. Prior to this group surmounting the summit, the mountains took no official name. The climbers who reached the summit of the tallest mountain in the area, jointly declared the range, the Mario Mountains, in honor of at-the-time vice president Mario Arkay, who was also a favorite politician of the group. Later that year in August 2012, the very tallest peaks in the range became designated as the Chilly Peaks, named after at-the-time president and current vice-president Chill57181. The mountain range has retained these two names ever since, and have become an extremely popular destination for thrill-seekers; namely skiers and snowboarders.


Like Bro Town, the Mario Mountains have adopted a very Germanic/Alpine culture over time. Small inns and resorts are commonplace around the endless mountain ranges. Its many small villages give the Mario Mountains a very olden-style experience and feel. Buildings are designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures with a very medieval theme.

Things such as schnitzel and bratwurst are common staples of cuisine in the area. Traditional Germanic foods have been embraced, just as Western Shops has very Hispanic tastes.



  • The Mario Mountains are loosely based off of the Swiss Alps.
  • Some dangerous rail lines run through the Mario Mountains.

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