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Mario Arkay
Full Name Mario Arkay
Alias Shade, Hopper, Marweeoh, Detective 'Stache
Status Missing since March 8, 2019
Born Franky Bob
May 11, 1999 (aged 19)
Died March 12, 2013 (officially)
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 3'2"
Residence ChillIslandFlag.png Chill Island
Citizenship ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Political Career
Governor of Central Shops
March 10, 2012 – April 17, 2012
Ben 100022
Vice-President of Shops Island
April 17, 2012 – September 8, 2012
Brook E. LasVegas
President Chill57181
President of Shops Island
December 1, 2012 – February 1, 2013
Vice-President Chill57181
Governor of Buhu Isle
February 2, 2013 –

Mario Arkay is a mustached penguin with unusual dimension-warping abilities after a near-death experience who also happened to be the laggard fourth President of Shops Island. Recognized for his political history and discography with the KD Band, Mario has kept a low profile after his apparent death. In thanks to his best friend, Chill, he is still officially recognized as having been deceased since March 12, 2013 in public records, allowing him to live off-the-books in a private home on Chill Island.


Early Life[edit]

Little to no records exist detailing Mario Arkay's origins. It is often rumored that Mario ordered their elimination throughout his term as the Shops Island president, though the precise details remain mystified. All that is known is that he was born Franky Bob on May 11, 1999. Mario typically refrains from discussing his own past for reasons unknown. What is known of Mario's true past have only been pieced together by those who have personally witnessed those events. As such, there is no clear linear timeline of Mario's past until 2009.

Public Life[edit]

Sometime during the Summer of 2009, Mario visited Club Penguin Weekee and found it very intriguing, visiting it frequently. In his frequent visits, he would come to meet Chill and Johnny 115, who he grew rather close with. The three would frequent around Club Penguin Island to play games and mess around. This new lifestyle led Mario to buy an igloo on the island and meet other like-minded friends such as Penquino and LMGT.

Out of sympathy, Mario allowed a homeless penguin, nicknamed “Y.L.”, to move in with him temporarily. Y.L. would move in permanently when Mario donated all of his property to him to live out a new life on Shops Island.

Shops Island[edit]

Mario's Shops Island presidential portrait by Hat Pop.

Under Chill's influence, Mario was convinced to leave Club Penguin in favor of Shops Island, where he would found The Great Mall. During the summer of 2012, Mario later co-founded The KD Band with his friends Chill, Penquino, and LMGT.

In thanks to his friendship with Chill, Mario was able to easily topple Shops Island's political ladder and become governor of Central Shops in March 2012 and vice-president only a month later, replacing Brook Edward LasVegas.

Throughout October 2012, Mario assisted Welcome00 with planning out the Shops Island Subway.

Due to Bro's presidential impeachment, Mario was instated as Shops Island president in December 2012. As it turned out, Mario was not all that effective in office and took a brief vacation to Club Penguin for the New Year. By February 2013, Mario concluded that he did not want to be responsible for Shops Island and resigned from presidency and returned to a simpler life as the governor of Buhu Isle, being replaced by Lavender. This lifted a ton of stress off of Mario's shoulders, allowing him to take a step back and govern at his own languorous pace. Shortly after his resignation, Mario closed down The Great Mall.

In March 2013, Mario left to Calada with his friends. There he and his other friends were challenged by Bro to find a girl to kiss. When everyone came back empty handed, Mario returned with a bomb in the shape of a girl. When the bomb was set ready to explode, Bro shoved it off the train they were riding on, urging Mario to jump off to save it. As Mario jumped downward at it, the bomb blew up and apparently deleted him.


In reality, the bomb did not delete him, but rather he was forcefully dragged across the Multiverse by an inventor searching for Hoppers to help him. He remained in that dimension for three months, only making contact with his friends via a hologram recording he sent using his newfound abilities. Throughout this time, he was pronounced dead on Shops Island, and all of his assets were seized by the Shops Island government due to his lack of will. When Mario finally returned in May 2013, his experiences in the other world had forever shaped his personality, though presented him with new dimension-hopping abilities.

Mario accepted his loss of assets, and decided that, due to his persona, it would be best to remain dead in the eyes of the public. With nowhere left to stay and feeling as if his own universe had rejected him, Mario left to the mysterious depths of the multiverse once again in hope of finding his new purpose. Throughout this time, Mario tried abandoning his own name in favor of a codename: Shade.

Mario returned to his friends months later in January 2014, with a greater understanding of his own abilities and who the Hoppers were. Though, he did not intend to stay for long since he believed he found a greater purpose in helping those in need across the Multiverse as Shade. Chill tried to convince him otherwise by offering him a free off-the-books home on Chill Island. Knowing that he never truly wanted to leave the past behind, he accepted it and began frequenting his home dimension to a point where he felt welcome and at home once again.


Mario proceeded to venture the Multiverse and help out as Shade, which led him to a legend of a super weapon that could allegedly destroy galaxies in June 2015. Now feeling rather more confident in his abilities than ever, he offered Chill and Penquino a weekend trip across the multiverse to try and find it. That was until he came across a reminder of a threat from the original dimension he found himself stuck in back in 2013, leading him to quickly send his friends back to safety on Chill Island and disappear across the Multiverse once again.


  • Mall Owner - Mario established The Great Mall in August 2011, which initially proved successful until Mario got far too ambitious and overwhelmed himself with plans he did not have time to execute. He closed down the mall when he resigned from being the president of Shops Island.
  • Musical Artist - Mario was primarily a vocalist for The KD Band, which he co-founded in 2012 with Chill, Penguino, and LMGT. The band fell apart after his apparent deletion in 2013, and he did not return for the 2018 reformation to help stay under the radar.
  • Detective - Mario was apart of The Detective Trio as an investigator, even though he mostly improvised his way through every case with no understanding or qualification of performing actual detective work.
  • Politician - Despite having no experience in politics, Mario was able to easily gain government position in thanks to his friendship with Chill. This included becoming the governor of Central Shops, serving as Shops Island Vice-President under Chill's and Bro's presidencies, serving as Shops Island President and lastly, prior his untimely incident, the governor of Buhu Isle. Despite his many positions, Mario was never truly fit for the role of a politician and would frequently stress out and procrastinate over his responsibilities.



Prior to his first experiences across the multiverse, Mario Arkay was described as a rather funny and wacky penguin to be around. He would frequently procrastinate on his duties, or straight up ignore them entirely in favor of something more appealing to his taste.

Fresh out of the discovery of his abilities, Mario had trouble finding happiness in even in the simplest things of life. He feared that his presence around anyone he cared about instantly put them in danger and avoided new relationships because of it. This, on top of losing all of his assets, led Mario to believing that his own home dimension rejected his return and would fair better without him, prompting his quest for purpose across the multiverse.

Given a year's time and his return in 2014, Mario knew that the lone wolf act wasn't cutting it for him, allowing him to open up and return to his home world after months of absence in search of any reason to stay. When he was offered Chill's gift of a home on Chill Island, that ultimately allowed him to almost recover back to his former self. Still, his change of personality seemed to be permanent, striving to take more initiative for his responsibilities, which in most cases he believed to be serving those in need across the Multiverse. While enjoying himself, or being around friends, some would argue that Mario's classic charm would return for the briefest of moments.


  • Hopper - Mario's abilities classify him the final Hopper of his universe. Mario has the unique ability to willfully transport himself through the multiverse via the manipulation of Wutt Energy charging within his body.
    • Multiverse Travel - Given enough concentration, Mario can send himself virtually anywhere across the Multiverse.
      • Teleportation - As an exploit of his multiverse traveling abilities, Mario can easily teleport to another part of known universe in seconds so long as he is in another dimension when the hop occurs. For instance, if he's in Chill Island and wants to quickly make his way over to Buhu Isle, he would have to teleport to another dimension and then teleport back to Antarctica's dimension with Buhu Isle as his destination in mind.
    • Wutt Energy Manipulation - Mario's body is constantly charging up wutt energy, which he can then use to open up portals or teleport himself to other universes. Each hop Mario makes uses up a portion of his charged wutt energy, and as such he can only make so many hops before he's left too exhausted to make another and is forced to charge up energy again. His personal record is having made 62 hops with little to no break in between them before passing out.


  • Goggles - Mario's one-of-a-kind goggles were gained at some point during first disappearance across the multiverse. They are capable of roughly translating languages from across the multiverse, identifying compounds and radiation, allowing night vision and alerting of nearby poisonous or allergenic substances.
  • Blaster

Awards and honors[edit]

  • The Mario Mountains were named as such in honor of him in April 2012.
  • Mario appears on the 20 WB$ bill.
  • A statue of him is being built “posthumously” in Buhu Isle in memory of his tragic death in the middle of his term as governor.


  • Bro - Ever since Mario's return, Bro has gotten along better with him. While Bro initially didn't like Mario all that much, Mario never had much against him. When Mario “died”, Bro was not shaken by the experience whatsoever, even despite it happening before his very eyes.
  • Chill - Mario's oldest best friend since they met at the Club Penguin Weekee. Using that friendship, Mario was able to easily gain positions in Shops Island's developing government, to the extent of serving as Chill's vice-president, and later being the president for a short time. The two formed the Detective Trio and later co-founded the KD Band together with Penquino and Bro. When Mario tried cutting everyone off after his first experience across the multiverse, Chill tried to get him to snap out of it and return to his former cheerful self. Chill achieved this goal to an extent by convincing Mario to frequent more often with a free home on Chill Island.
  • Johnny 115 - Mario and Johnny at the Club Penguin Weekee and were good friends for a time. Since, the two have seemed to split ways and have not spoken in years.
  • Lavender - While Mario and Lavender never saw eye to eye, they respected one another nonetheless. Lavender was not made aware of Mario's survival past 2013. Despite that, he still assisted Chill in trying to find Lavender's children, Red and Blue.
  • LMGT - LMGT and Mario remain good friends despite their lifestyles not allowing for much interaction with one another. Mario met LMGT through Chill and Penquino on Club Penguin and have maintained a positive relationship ever since.
  • Penquino - Mario and Penquino have a close friendship in thanks to the similarities between Hoppers and the Jedi. The two first met back in Club Penguin and didn't grow too close until Mario's return from the dimension.
  • Snowman 1001 - Mario first met Snowman at the Club Penguin Weekee, though they were never all that close of friends. When Snowman went missing, Mario would spot him during his visit of Club Penguin for the 2013 New Year, and alerted the proper authorities.
  • The Ed - Mario was introduced to The Ed by Chill, and have had naturally become friends ever since.




  • Mario's favorite dessert to eat is pie.
  • At 62 days, Mario Arkay has the shortest Shops Island presidential term.
    • In fact, Mario's term is the shortest tenure for the leader of a country in recorded Antarctic history.