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Mario Arkay
Born Franky Bob
May 11, 1999 (1999-05-11) (age 19)
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Marweeoh
Ethnicity Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation Band member
Years active 2012-2013
Employer Self-employed, governor
Notable works Former President of Shops Island
Salary 1000 WB$ per song
Height 3'2"
Known for President of Shops Island, mayor of Buhu Isle, founder of the Great Mall, KD Band co-founder, the dimension traveler
Title President of Shops Island
Term December 1, 2012-February 1, 2013
Predecessor Bro
Successor Lavender

Mario Arkay is a penguin who lived on Shops Island. His best friend is Chill57181. He is the last Hopper of the Fanon universe.


Early Life[edit]

Not much is known about Mario Arkay's past, other than the fact most of the documents related to it were destroyed by him during his term as Shops Island president. What is known about his past is that his birth name was Franky Bob and he was born to an unknown family sometime in 1999. The official certificates claim his birth date to be on May 11, 1999, although its unknown on how reliable this source is after his term. On top of all this information, Mario refrains from discussing of his past and it's usually not necessary to expand on anyway.

Public Life[edit]

Sometime during the Summer 2009, Mario visited Clubb Phengin Weekee and became rather fond of it. He visited it frequently and soon met Chill57181 and Johnny 115 while hanging around one day. The three would frequently hang around Club Penguin Island messing around, playing games and having fun. Through his new friends he met Penquino and many others. Towards the end of his Club Penguin adventures, Mario met and befriended a homeless penguin nicknamed Yellow Lover and allowed him to live with him in his igloo.

Although many fun times were had, everyone Mario knew seemed to be moving to Shops Island, so he made the choice to move as well. Before departing, Mario gave his igloo away to Yellow Lover and told him to take care. Mario initially moved to Chill Island, although he later made way onto mainland and opened up The Great Mall. During the summer of 2012, Mario later co-founded The KD Band with his friends Chill, Penquino, and LMGT.

He somehow managed to climb up the political ladder of Shops Island and got promoted to governor of Central Shops in March 2012. A month later, Chill promoted Mario to Shops's vice-president. As vice president Mario didn't do too much, although he did help Welcome00 with the Shops Island Subway throughout October 2012. Due to the complaints about Bro as the president, Mario replaced him as president of Shops Island in December. Shortly after being inaugurated, Mario shut down the Great Mall which eventually led to his resignation. He had decided that he didn't want to be responsible for Shops Island and returned to a simpler life as the governor of Buhu Isle on February 3, 2013. He was replaced in February 2013 by Lavender. Before he officially resigned, he took a trip back to Club Penguin Island for the New Year.

After being relieved of the duties as president, Mario felt as he could finally relax again. During the events of Calada, Eh? Mario traveled to Calada with his friends. After Bro told the others to find a girl to kiss, Mario found a bomb in the shape of a girl and was able to convince everyone to keep it. Later, Bro noticed the bomb was about ready to explode so he threw it off the train they were riding into a lake. Mario quickly jumped after it but exploded and was transported to another universe on March 12.


While in that dimension, Mario was given knowledge unlike what he had ever before. Mario met one of the creatures of that dimension that taught him how to transport through dimensions. In the meantime, he was able to make a hologram to communicate with Chill in his igloo. He finally returned from the dimension sometime in May 2013, although his experiences there had forever shaped him.

Life as a Hopper[edit]

Eventually throughout his travels between dimensions, Mario's gained new tools and equipment and a greater understanding of the multiverse. As a result, his appearance also changed and he even started growing a small beard.


  • Mall Owner - Mario got his first job when he opened up The Great Mall on Shops Island. He closed down the mall when he resigned from being the president of Shops Island.
  • Musical Artist - Mario was a member of The KD Band, which he co-founded in 2012 with Chill, Penguino, and LMGT.
  • Governor - Mario was the governor of Central Shops in March 2012 and Buhu Isle in February 2013.
  • Vice President - Mario served as the vice president of Shops Island under Chill and later Bro until he became president.
  • President - Mario became president of Shops Island from December 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013 after a political scandal kicked President Bro out of office. He eventually resigned and was replaced by Lavender.

Awards and honors[edit]

  • The Mario Mountains were named as such in honor of him in April 2012.
  • He is on the 20 WB$ bill.

Powers and abilities[edit]

  • Hopper - As the final Hopper of his universe, Mario has the unusual ability to transport himself through the multiverse using mental concentration.
    • Teleportation
    • Dimensional travel



  • His favorite dessert to eat is pie.