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— Snowstormer
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Mark "Snowstormer" Von Schneesturm
The Awesome Snowstormer!
Snowstormer in his regular clothing.
Born April 11, 1990 (1990-04-11) (age 30)
South Pole City, Colonial Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Penguin
Other names Snowstormer, Snow, Schneesturmer
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation Governor of Freezestonia
Salary 100 WB$ a month
Net worth About 4,000 WB$
Height 177 cm
Weight 51 kg
Known for Discovering Freezestonia, being governor of Freezestonia and a member of the Shops Island Administration.
Spouse(s) Suzanne Von Schneesturm
Children None
Parents Mr. Von Schneesturm and Monika Von Schneesturm
Awards Several Shops Island Awards
Mark Von Schneesturm

2nd Governor of Eastern Shops
In office
April 22, 2012 – August 18, 2012
President Chill57181
Preceded by Brook Edward LasVegas
Succeeded by Welcome00

1st Governor of Freezestonia
In office
May 7, 2012 – Incumbent
President Chill57181, Mario Arkay, Bro, Lavender

4th Governor of Eastern Shops
In office
September 10, 2013 – Incumbent
President Chill57181, Mario Arkay, Bro, Lavender
Preceded by Welcome00

Mark Von Schneesturm, commonly known by the English translation of his last name, Snowstormer is the governor of Freezestonia, an independent state of Shops Island and Eastern Shops. In his teen years, he used to explore all around Antarctica, but now he's mostly staying in Snow's Mansion, which is located in Stocktown. He is married to Suzanne Von Schneesturm.


Chick Years[edit]

Snowstormer, when he was a 1 year old.

Snowstormer hatched in South Pole City, Colonial Antarctica on April 11th, 1990, as the first child to Mr. Von Schneesturm and Monika Von Schneesturm. He is the oldest of his siblings Anna Von Schneesturm. He was diagnosed to have ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) which caused him to be a bad chick. Luckily, it came out later that he actually didn't have it, and the diagnose was wrong.

His love for discovering things wasn't really seeable when he was smaller, but after he finished kindergarten, he started being very interested in everything his father did, some believe that he was the reason Mr. Von Schneesturm has gone missing.

At the age of 7, he went to elementary school. He made lots of friends in preschool.

Teenage Years[edit]

As Snowstormer grew older, he discovered more and more new things, for example, once in chemistry class, when the class was experimenting, he accidentally added too much of an ingredient to what they were making, that it turned out to be something new no one had ever seen before, the material was named Snorite, after Mark. He decided to take more classes, but that ruined his social life, soon, most of his classmates didn't like him and tried to hold away from him. The only ones who still liked him were his best friends.

At the age of 12, Mark decided to tell Suzanne about his feelings. Suzanne responded to it well and they fell in love. After that, Mark gained some more friends.

One summer, when Mark was 16, he decided to go sailing around Antarctica, he visited many places and he discovered a new island, which later turned out to be Freezestonia, he left a small "X" mark on the coast he landed on and built a very small dock (both of which can still be seen today in the town of Kapsaalu), and left the island soon. He then sailed back to the USA. After that he learned a lot about sailing and using a compass and a map.

Adult Years[edit]

At the age of 21, Mark decided to visit the island once again. He wasn't sure where the island was exactly located, but he had discovered that the island is located in the Asiapelago, not far from Shops Island, so he began looking at all the islands near Shops Island until he finally accomplished to find his island. He began building up a city on the north coast of the island, he decided to name it Greenage City. The island was originally called the Greenage Island and the main attraction on it was the Greenage Mall until May 2012, after Freezestonia became a province of Shops Island the Freezestonian island was renamed to Freezestonia, and the capital to Pallinn. Soon, a lot of other inhabitants came from all over Antarctica, and helped build up Freezestonia as it is now. Since then he has been constantly living in Stocktown, which is on a small seperate island off the coast of Freezestonia.


Snowstormer hasn't been involved in much, he founded Freezestonia and a lot of its cities, and is the governor of Freezestonia, but other than that, he hasn't been involved in too much, yet.


Snowstormer owns two regular puffles, Yarr, whom he named after Rockhopper's internationally famous puffle, and Happy, he adores both puffles and cares for them a lot. He used to own another blue puffle named Mama Mia, who was of Ligurian origin, but she went missing and her location, if any, is unknown. In addition, he has eight Cat Puffle Creatures that he adopted after some were introduced to stores on Shops Island. Although he cares about his normal puffles, he is somewhat obsessed with his Cat Puffles, and loves them because they're "so different".



  • He is a member of both the EPF and the SIA, which makes him a double agent.
  • He has a pretty bad temper and is known for getting angry at things he shouldn't.
  • He also goes by the nickname "cats", due to his obsession with Cat Puffles once they were announced on Club Penguin.

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