Mark the Warrior

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Mark the Warrior

Mark about to attack.
Born Mark Adelie
c. 1830
Antarctic Peninsula region, High Penguin Confederacy
Died 1910
Culldrome Isles
Cause of death Natural causes
Resting place Bluetower Castle Catacombs
Residence Bluetower Castle
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctic, Culldrom
Other names Mark the Warrior
Years active 1850 - 1890
Known for Founding and saving the Culldrome Isles
Title King, Warrior, Hero
Spouse(s) Roseflower Adelie (neé Jakes)
Children Twin Heroes
Parents Marty the Warrior
Mark the Warrior

Mark Adelie, commonly reffered to as Mark the Warrior, is a heroic and selfless penguin of the Adelie Family. He is a fierce warrior, adventurer and sailor. Mark was responsible for founding, settling and exploring the Culldrome Isles, of which he became king of. He also helped found Bluetower Castle, a peaceful and courteous commune located in Culldrome. Mark is also widely known around Culldrome for being a true warrior - courageous, self-less, heroic and brave. He is considered to be the National Hero.


Early Life[edit]

Mark the Warrior was born at an unknown date, approximately 200 years ago. Mark was born on the icy cliffs of a small Viking Penguin colony, situated on the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Mark, however, was not a Viking Penguin. In fact, his parents were not, either. Mark's family sought refuge in the Viking Penguin colony after ninjas from a "far away land" began to attack their original colony. A large battle took place and Mark's mother was killed in the process. Mark, and his father, dubbed Marty the First, were the only survivors and they escaped.

Live on the colony was good. The Adelie penguins were welcomed with open arms into the colony. However, this was not the end of it. The ninjas followed them to the Viking Penguin colony and also began raiding it. Marty, who was an excellent fighter, sailed off in a boat to bring the fight elsewhere. Before that, however, Marty passed down his one and only sword to his son. Mark was left in the colony.

A few years later, traders from the high seas went ashore to the colony. The leader traded gold for a purple crystal. The leader, who collected rare gems, did not realize that this was a Porcyal, a rare and powerful crystal. During inspection, the Porcyal was set off, destroying half the colony and the leader's gem collection. Disappointed, he assigned penguins to inspect the crystal even further. Eventually, the ninjas found out and raided the colony. Being good ninjas, the invaders went in, quickly stole the Porcyals and escaped.

The clumsy ninjas, however, accidentally left behind notes detailing the Porcyal's powers. After some study, a navy was formed to go after the ninjas. Mark was quickly promoted to a captain after proving himself worthy during training. Soon, he commanded an expedition to seek the Porcyals. Heading due north, accompanied with a fleet of ships and sailors, Mark reached what is now the Culldrome Isles and founded a new nation there and later set up the capital, Culldrome City. Mark self-crowned himself as King and lead Culldrome.

Ninjas, Knashram and Mossroam[edit]

As the newly founded country flourished, the Ninjas of the nearby Skulldrome Isles began to spy on them. They launched an attack and by 1861, the Ninja-Culldrom war had flared up and taken shape. In 1863, Mark, along with other soldiers and warriors, sailed a small fleet of ships to the now ninja colony of the Treshurr Isles. Their goal was to raid and destroy the enemy outpost, Fort Knashram.

This expedition was a failure, resulting in the loss of practically all of the crew. The survivors were captured and put to work on the fort (which at the time was not yet finished). After a while, Mark broke and had taken enough. Teaming up with several other workers, a small resistance movement began to form. They planned a large breakout and some successfully escaped Knashram. Having escaped, they created a larger resistance army and raided Knashram in an epic battle. The workers escaped and the ninjas were all defeated, leaving behind a non-finished, badly destroyed fortress. Mark, wanting to move on from Knashram, left the free workers and ventured on alone. The workers eventually lived in peace on the islands. However the occupation had not ended yet.

After a few years of journeying, Mark had made his way to the Mossroam forest on Culldrome Island. Some of the workers who were trapped in Knashram followed him, wanting a more peaceful life. During this peaceful period, Mark married Roseflower, who was one of those trapped in the fortress. They also had two children, known only as the Hero of Reality and Hero of Ideas.

They neared another ninja fortress, Coretier, located west of the capital. Again, he was captured and formed another resistance movement, managing to escape with them. Mark traveled to Mt. Charlamander in search of the Great Guardian, hoping to end the occupation. Here Mark obtained his (now legendary) Porcyal sword before heading back.

Soon Mark and the resistance group laid siege to Coretier and fought a large battle. The fortress was strategically flooded and collapsed upon itself, destroying it. During the battle, Mark was severely injured. Despite this the growing group liberated Culldrome City from the ninja occupation and freed the Culldrome Isles. The occupation was finally over.

Bluetower and Later Years[edit]

Mark the Warrior in 1906.

As everyone settled back into daily life, many proposed a castle to be built as a safe haven for many. Before the occupation, Hedgewall Castle was a small community located near the mountains. The castle was then destroyed. Instead of Hedgewall being rebuilt, a new castle as proposed. Named Bluetower Castle, it was to be built on top of the existing ruins of Coretier. This was to symbolise good triumphing over evil.

The castle was built over the period of ten years. In 1899, it was completed and officially opened. Mark and Roseflower lived a peaceful life with their children, who constantly fought. Mark would sometimes go out on small adventures. He raised his children well and (for a time) was the warrior who protected Bluetower.

Mark died in 1910 around the age of 80, due to old age. His age was quite old for a penguin at the time. A national day on mourning was announced as he was mourned a hero, warrior, leader and role model. It is said that he was buried in Culldrome City, but his two sons say that Mark was buried inside Bluetower Castle. Nevertheless, many remembered Mark for liberating them from the ninjas.

Today, Mark is a Ghost and how haunts Bluetower Castle. On occasion, he has been known to give advice to citizens of the castle as well, family members and even state leaders.


Mark played a pivotal and important role in the early history of the Culldrome Isles. He was also widely regarded as an important and heroic penguin and was a role model to many. Mark was also an important member of the Adelie Family as he was one of the earliest penguins in the family and was regarded by the family as a heroic and courageous ancestor.

Mark the Warrior was the penguin who built the foundations of the Culldrome nation and the renowned Bluetower Castle. He paved the path for future generations. He also helped to free the early colony from the reign of tyranny from the Ninjas, ending their occupation of about 30 years.


Mark's natural appearance consists of blue feathers, a brown belly patch (which is quite rare for a penguin) and brown hair. His trademark appearance has him wearing a purple sleeved and collared tunic and a red scarf/tie. Sometimes, he carries a scabbard to hold his sword (either on his back or on his waist) and a shield.



Just like his title suggests, Mark is a warrior, seasoned after many months of hard training and leading the resistance to the ninja regime. Thus, he also possesses warrior-like qualities. These include bravery, selflessness and courage. Mark has dedicated his fighting abilities for the greater good. Since he was fighting against the ninjas, Mark did not learn Card-Jitsu, but instead a similar fighting style, excluding the cards. This meant that Mark could use the elements of fire, water and ice to his advantage as he knew knowledge of it as a fighting style.

Mark was also a good swords-penguin. He could wield a sword and control it very well, using it as his weapon of choice. Mark generally used his sword to knock out or bruise his enemies. If need be, he can finish off an attack with a sword. Mark also had some experience in other weapons, including slingshots and spears.


As Mark faced his enemies he was often taunted. He was often critical of these remarks and very angered by them. Most notably, when facing taunts about love, he would always get angry. When given a choice between the freedom of all or his love, Roseflower, he would give in and chose love. This has resulted in several unintended battles.

Including this, Mark was also not unlike other penguins. Despite his physical health, he would often be tired after a battle and was (regularly) injured.



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