Martha Wish

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Martha Wish
She is beautiful!
Title Adopted Daughter of Flywish
Gender Female
Race Adelie Penguin
Faction Wish Family
Health Good!
Level 9
Status Being cared for by Flywish
Location Flywish's Mansion

Martha Wish is the adopted daughter of Flywish.


When she was born, her parents left her in an adoption center. Flywish soon adopted her and they went home. She always played with Chuck Fierycold loved to play with her too. It's like she always made a sad rainy day into a bright happy day. Then she met Baby N. and developed a crush on him.


She has huge pigtails, They are almost as big as Jessica's. She also wears a white fluffy dress.


  • Flywish II loves her and would never bully him. If anyone bullied her, He would kill hurt them.
  • Corai thinks she is cute.
  • Xorai thinks she is rather cute, despite hating her..
  • She is very good friends with Jessica, and Martha knows, because she heard Maddieworld say that, if Swiss Ninja died, she would marry Flywish.

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