Marvin the Hacker

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Marvin the Hacker
Revered Defender
Title Governance Saint
General of the Army (five-star rank), Lichenblossemese Infantry, Calvary, Artillery, Cyberwarfare, and Mechanical Divisions.
Gender Male
Race Dorkugese (Lichenblossom varient)
Faction Commander of the Lichenblossomese Army
Health Deceased
Level Highest rank in the Lichenblossomese army
Status Deceased
Location Floor X, the Mausoleum of Marvin, Redlink Abbey
Saint Marvin the Hacker
Born Lichenblossom (exact location unknown)
Considered Saint in Redlink Abbey, Dorkugal
Promoted to The Most Awesome December 1991, Centriepistula
Promoted to Saint Janaury 9th, 1992, Centriepistula
Major shrine Immense Corridor
Promoted because Savior of Redlink
Known for vallience, fighting for justice, overcoming of obstacles.

Saint Sir Marvin "the Hacker", General of the Lichenblossom Armed Forces, Grand Innkeeper of the Abbey, or simply Marvin the Hacker, also called Saint Marvin, is the most senior officer in the army rank of Lichenblossom. Marvin is the most decorated soldier in Dorkugese history, having recieved medals from dozens of authorities, and, in a higher power, Sainthood.


Early life[edit]



Shortly after becoming a Saint, when many people celebrated, Marvin fainted. When the former Saint, one of the celebrators, came to announce he was dead, many penguins cried. He was dug in many places. First, where he became Saint, Centriepistula. Second, Lichenblossom. Lastly, at Redlink Abbey.


Marvin has received multiple medals, huge honors, titles, orders, ranks, and blessings from the Governance. His service was esteemed, and it is almost considered a crime to mock his hallowed name. It is already dishonorable, but is pending criminalization. In Lichenblossom, no chick can be named Marvin in his honor. In Dorkugal, an image of Marvin is displayed on the battle field simulator room.

List of honors and decorations obtained by Marvin[edit]

  • Golden Floppy Disk (awarded for true preservation of nerdy culture)
  • Royal Order of the Inn (literally a fancy master key on a ribbon, it can open any door in Redlink)
  • Honorary citizenship of the USA, Turtly, Geek Empire, and Macradonia.
  • Official Sparkan (he even passed the tests)
  • Honorary Bureau of Fiction Bureaucrat
  • Grand Innkeeper of the Abbey (obtains a copy of the deed to Redlink Abbey, and therefore has all rights to it, its infrastructure, and its land)
    • Grand Innkeepers could actually sell the Abbey if they wanted to. It's a serious position.
  • Honorary Antics Family Member (he was a good friend of Explorer the First)
  • -and more...


  • Marvin's middle name is unknown.

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