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Mary Sues are penguins with no flaws and are unrealistically perfect in almost every way. On the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki, we almost always frown upon Mary Sue characters, so please kindly refrain from making your characters as such, unless you want us to retaliate with edits of our own, and we WILL do it.

It should be noted that a character's article simply not mentioning any flaws does not instantly make them a Mary Sue. Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence; that is to say that just because an article doesn't mention flaws doesn't mean they are now a flawless character. Additionally, a character who may be perceived as having "too many" good characteristics and "not enough" bad characteristics is not a Mary Sue. Rather, a Mary Sue is a character who is overpowered in various ways, such as those listed below, with no flaws whatsoever to offset them.

This is a list of common characteristics to find in a Mary Sue. It's okay to have a few of these, but if you have most, or all of them, please try to cut back on your character's (bally wot) awesomeness.

  • Are in a prominent/high/important position in the sides of good or evil
  • Always win in fights
  • Are friends with everyone
  • Always get what they want
  • Have special powers
  • Rule a massive empire/country or own a major corporation, business, or syndicate
  • Somehow have lifetime and mutual relationships with famous (or worse, canon) characters that have no backstory or description
  • Magically protect their organization from obvious issues such as corruption, crime, dissent
  • No one dislikes them or has a reason to dislike them

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