Master McWaffle

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Master McWaffle
The master of the waffles
Title Master Waffle
Gender Male
Race Adelie penguin
Faction The PWN master of the mountains
Health Good
Level 787
Status Teaching ninjas the way of the waffle
Location Mountains of Freezeland

Master McWaffle is a friendly adelie penguin that lives in the mountains of Freezeland. And will teach any traveler willing to learn the way of the waffles. He has finished a waffle dojo in which he will teach the ninjas. Sometimes called PWN master of the mountains for his abilities to turn a person into waffles and poof waffle irons out of thin air to PWN with.


As a chick he was scrawny and weak until that one faithful day... McWaffle was wondering around the HQ and found one of G's inventions, radioactive waffles. Curious he devoured the waffles and grew much stronger and gained his new waffle powers and a strange liking for Puffle O's. As he grew he perfected his waffle dojo in order to teach his ninja students.


He trains ninjas the waffle way and then will give them there powers. The students will then save penguins in need and fight with the good guys in wars. Master McWaffle often stops evil penguins and teach them the way of the waffles and make them give up there evil ways and join the good guys.


  • He owns a puffle whom he tought the waffle way.
  • If you smack a Mwa Mwa Penguin with a waffle iron he/she will turn into a normal penguin.
  • Sadly Manny Peng Is IMMUNE TO HIS WAFFLE IRON!
  • Master McWaffle also has the power to break the Fourth wall
  • Someday he may join Str00del Force as he can speak leet He is a part of Str00del Force now.

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