Master Tin

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Master Tin
The great genius himself.
Title The Awe-Inspiring Great Inventor
Gender Male
Race Aptenodytes patagonicus (King Penguin)
Faction Worked independently
Health Deceased
Level 70
Status Deceased
Location Club Penguin Island
Occupation Inventor
Catchphrase None
Hobbies Tinkering and inventing
Friends Fellow colleagues
Enemies Those who attempted to steal his fruits
Archetype Good

Master Tin is a great inventor who has made many useful and interesting creations. One of which is the legendary Three Fruits of Happiness.


Early life[edit]

Master Tin was born to a poor family in Pingko as Brandon Slip Tin in 1977. His family was struggling to make ends meet, so they worked for many hours in one of Trans-Antarctica's many mints. Due to this, he was often left alone in his home for many as long as 8 hours as a chick. There were not many other chicks in his street, so he liked to tinker with metal and the family computer in his spare time. When he was old enough, he left Pingko for a job. He could not afford to go to college, so Tin went to work in a scientific laboratory as a janitor. Some of the people there teased him because of his horrid Card Jitsu skills, so they gave him the nickname Master Tin. He took it unknowingly as a compliment, but when he finally did realize its real meaning, the name became forever attributed to him, so he went with it anyway. Being able to observe the laboratory alone after-hours, Master Tin liked to examine the scientists' work and often learned from some of of his experiences there.

New explorations[edit]

Having reached a point where he had accumulated enough savings, Master Tin quit his old job and looked for new ventures. Tin wanted a professional job where he could exploit his knowledge and earn a high income. However, no one would hire him because of the fact that he had never went to college. Master Tin decided to be modest, and in turn he landed a job as an inventor's apprentice. The inventor soon found out that he was marvelous at inventing, as he used his prior knowledge of tinkering as a chick and from working as janitor in the laboratory.


Master Tin later took over his master's firm, and hired many more workers. He led his company to work on many projects, and over the years he was a household name all over Antarctica. He invented many useful things that are still being used to this day.

Discovery of the Three Fruits[edit]

In 1986, he accidentally created the Three Fruits of Happiness, three magical fruits with unusual properties. It was regarded as the greatest invention of Master Tin's life.


Master Tin died in 2001 from old age.

Notable Inventions[edit]