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Title Agent,
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Health Good
Level 96
Status Alive
Location Neo Domino City, UnitedTerra
Death date He is Alive
Occupation EPF agent
Feather color Lime
Friends The Director, Good Guys
Enemies Bad guys

Matias Gutierrez, otherwise known as Matias, is a Castillan Emperor Penguin who is an EPF agent.


Matias was born in a port town in Castilla in 1971 and was the middle chick of a family of 10 chicks, most of which were girls, and Matias was the only boy. In middle school, he was part of his school band, in which he played percussion instruments. When he entered the university, in 1984, he met John Summerville, and both build a robot named R.O.B.B.Y. who is owned by Summerville. One day they decided to go to Eastshield, where they would meet a young guy named RealMax, and would soon become best friends and have adventures.

He is part of the EPF and EQF, as he was invited by random penguins.


1971, he hatched.

1984, he meets John and R.O.B.B.Y.


He is good at Xing Yi martial arts. He is good at tricking penguins into fighting with him if they want to challenge Matias.


  • Hey.
  • Que quieres? (what do you want?)



  • He is part of the EPF's Delta division.