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Matthew Von Injoface
The most hearty Von Injoface ever
Title Matthew
Gender Male
Race Yellow Puffle
Faction Von Injoface Family
Health good
Level 42
Status alive
Location Willy the Penguin's igloo
Birth date 1994
Occupation Philantrophist
Catchphrase Tomorrow is a new day!
Hobbies Being happy, baking cookies, eating cookies, going to the theater
Friends Everybody! But more specifically, Director Zenny, Willy the Penguin, Roller Chain, Robert O'vian, Sprocket
Enemies He doesn't consider anyone his enemy, although many villains dislike his cheery attitude.
Archetype Goody Two Shoes

Matthew Von Injoface is the one of the happiest puffles in existence! He is the son of Oreop and Cahoyer von Injoface, who tried to make him stern and cruel with no avail. He is Willy the Penguin's puffle and goes on adventures with him. In his spare time he bakes cookies and gives them away for free. He has a boyfriend named Roller Chain, who he has been dating since late 2014.


Matthew was born to Oreop von Injoface, one of Mabel's cousins. His mother died when he was very young, but his father didn't tell him since he didn't want Matt to be hurt. Oreop began to teach him of the Von Injoface ways; to be cold, selfish, unforgiving, and arrogant. But, like Matt's cousin Foamy, he was very different than other Von Injoface members. Matt wanted to help people, and make them as happy as possible, and to spend his time and resources doing so. Orep loved Matt greatly, but disliked his attitude, as Matt was very optimistic. One day, the happiness began to finally make Oreop be ashamed of his son. Matt was handing out cookies to homeless puffles.

"Matt! What in the world are you doing?!"

"Giving cookies to the needy."

"The Von Injoface family does NOT do that!"

"But dad, these puffles need them!"

"I know they do, but we are part of the Von Injoface family, and we just don't do those kinds of things."

"What?! You're not going to be nice to others just because we belong to a mean family?! That's crazy!"

"That's just the way we do things son. Don't get angry."

"I don't care! I'm gonna be nice today, tomorrow, and gosh, I'll be nice 'till the day I kick the bucket!"

"You're overreacting, Matt!"

"No I'm not! And I'll show you! I'll go around the USA and be nice to everyone! You can't tell me to be mean!"


"No, dad, I have to do this. I'm gonna break the mold of this family."

"All right, if it makes you happy, I'm not gonna stop you."

"You'll see dad! By the time I get back, the entire WORLD will be one, big, happy place!"

And with that, Matt left to make the world a happier place.

Happiness Conquering[edit]

As soon as Matt left, he began spreading happiness, just like he promised his father. Of course, during that time, he went to the Darktonian Realm, the most unhappiest place on the USA. But as soon as he went, he was back, as he chased out by Doom Knights. But, he did accomplish so much more. He made Explorer, Fred, Ninjinian, Tails, Hat Pop, and a bunch of other famous penguins a lot happier. Then one day, he went to the Freezeland, where Will Whitefoot was having very gloomy days, and Matt was recruited to help him become happy, and became Will's "happy adviser", and helped out during a great "happiness depression", in which he was their hero. He soon left the city in order to spread more happiness

Finding a true home[edit]

After spreading all the happy he could, Matt found out that his father had died. He went to the funeral and felt guilty not being with him on his death bed. Matt was very upset, and spent the next few days crying and being the thing he disliked the most: a sad and/or angry person. That all changed when Willy the Penguin found poor little Matt, all alone. Willy then took pity on him, and took him home, thus bringing the smile back on Matt's face.


One day fellow Goody-Two Shoe member Sprocket asked Matthew and the other members to meet his brother, Roller Chain, who had a hard time making friends. Matthew and Roller Chain grew close together even though they were different. Roller Chain felt like Matthew would push him out of his comfort zone to have fun, and Matthew appreciated how Roller Chain would plan things out before doing them. Matthew and Roller Chain fell in love and started dating. He told Susan about it, who was excited and wanted him to bring Roller Chain to a family reunion. However, Matthew knew that his family had strong opinions on red puffles. They always spoke negatively about his friend Director Zenny, and if they found out he was dating one, they would go berserk. Matthew was very considerate so he did not want to upset his family members, even if the reasons were irrational. Matthew also didn't want to lie to his aunt; since he knew Roller Chain was available he said he'd be able to make it. Roller Chain painted himself purple and went into the reunion, but was eventually found out. His family chased Roller Chain out of the room and scolded Matthew for dating a red puffle.

Matthew was shocked and saddened at the comments of his family, but especially Susan, who he believed was more open minded since she her son ran away due to her demands. He promised Susan to not see Roller Chain, but loved him too much, and saw him in private. Only a few people knew about their relationship, but one day when they were kissing behind a tree, Tars O’vian saw them. Tars contacted Mabel XVIII and Chuck von Injoface, and they agreed to beat up Matthew. The went up to Matthew to beat him, but Roller Chain intervened, stopping them and telling them that he’s the one they want. They beat him up and left.

Matthew called an ambulance and the police and told them everything that happened. Matthew anxiously waited in the hospital to hear of Roller Chain’s condition. He called his aunt Susan and told her she was a terrible person for not being supportive and contributing to the community which fosters hatred against relationships between red puffles and non-red puffles and that she hasn’t changed since Foamy left. Susan found out how Roller Chain defended Matthew, and changed her viewpoint on this issue. She told Matthew that she was sorry for everything and that Matthew and Roller Chain have her blessing. Matthew forgave his aunt for her actions and words and they reconciled.

Matthew testified against Mabel, Tars, and Chuck. They were found guilty on charges of Battery and put into prison.

Current Life[edit]

Matt, is now living with Willy the Penguin and keeps contact with his aunt Susan, on Club Penguin Island. He spends a lot of time with his boyfriend Roller Chain and hopes to marry him someday. He still is so ever happy and full of glee.

Matt enjoys theater very much and has read and viewed many plays. He often goes to the Stage or Awesome Drama Theater to watch them. He often drags his boyfriend and Willy to watch them, which they sometimes enjoy (but they don't like theater as much as him)


Matt is a very happy puffle almost all the time, expect when Willy runs out of cookies. He has been called a "saint" for all the good things he has done, and being kind and caring. Really, Matt's just a happy guy.


(Matt finds out Willy is out of cookies again)

Matt (to Willy): We're out of cookies Will!

Willy: That's ok. I'll get some more while I'm out today.

Matt (Puts on bard hat): To eat cookies or not to eat cookies! That is thy question.

Willy (Mutters): Sometimes I swear you can be so melodramatic. Fine, I'll go buy more now.

Matt: I'm glad you see it my way.

(Mcdonalds sees Matt do something nice.)

Mcdonalds: Wow, you seem to like doing that? What's your name?

Matt: Matthew.

Mcdonalds: Of course that's your name. Did you know all the Matthews I knew, including my family, are all good?

Matt: Oh. Never knew that.


  • Foamy considers Matthew as an older brother.
  • One thing Matt DOES have in common with the other Von Injofaces is his big ego. While not as large or annoying as some other members, he believes that he is one of the best puffles, because of his good deeds. However, his ego is justified since many others see him as one of the best puffles.
  • Another thing he has in common with his family is that he takes government checks. He is very poor and can't hold a job because he's always distracted in trying to make others happy.
  • Matt is the most positive puffle in his family.
  • He can recite classic theater very well
  • Many find it surprising that Matt can keep a happy smile, due to the fact both of his parents are dead, but having an adoptee "father" Willy, lets him have a family. (Don't be so sure though, he does miss them on the inside. However, his mother is now a ghost.)
  • Also, when Oreop died, that was one of two times Matt was actually depressed, showing how much he cared for his father. Oreop felt the same way, and when he was in the hospital, he was very sad that Matt was not there.
  • The other time when Matt was depressed was when Roller Chain was hospitalized after being beaten by Von Injoface members who were prejudiced against red puffles. He also got incredibly angry, which was the first for him.
  • Matthew is trying to change his other family member's views on Red Puffles, like how his Aunt Susan changed her views.
  • His motto is "Tomorrow is a new day!"
  • If you can't already tell, he loves cookies
  • Matt wrote a book about his life called "Standing Out". It was a hit.

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