Matthias Adelie

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Let's see...duct tape...where is it? Where is my duct tape? WHERE IS MY DUCT TAPE?!
— Matthias Adelie

Matthias Adelie

Matthias holding a wrench.
Born Matthias "777" Corn Cleo Adelie
December 26, 1965 (age 47)
South Pole City
Gender Male
Nationality Adelie Penguin
Other names Mathias 777
Education Bluetower Castle
Occupation Abbottess, Librarian
Home town South Pole City
Height 45"
Weight 50 kg
Known for Abbottess of Bluetower Castle
Title Abbottess Matthias
Spouse(s) Blowey Adelie
Children Chub 777, Buhc 777

Matthias "777" Adelie
Abbottess Matthias
Mr. Adelie in his garbs
Reign 26 January 1985-26 January 1987
Coronation 26 January 1985
Full name Matthias Corn Cleo Adelie
Titles Matthias
Born December 26 1965
Birthplace South Pole City
Died -
Place of death -
Buried -
Offspring Chub 777, Buhc 777
Royal House Adelie Manor
Royal anthem Royal Anthem of Culldrome

Matthias "777" Corn Cleo Adelie, also known as Matthias 777 or just Matthias, is a resident of Adelie Manor. He is the father of Chub 777, the famous adventurer, and Buhc 777, the famous hockey player. He was a former Abbottess of Bluetower Castle, a small commune in the middle of the Culldrome Isles. Matthias is also well known as an inventor and has invented many gadgets, all mostly successful.


Early History[edit]

Matthias was born on the 26th of December 1965. He was born in South Pole City to Nidnad Adelie (father) and Clombine Adelie (mother, née Ros). His family moved to Culldrome City in 1967 and then to Bluetower Castle in 1970. There, he grew up with the local citizens, making many new friends and chatting around. All in all, he behaved correctly and was a He helped out and all out, was a good boy. As he grew older, he had to study the history of Bluetower and the Culldrome Isles. This education was mandatory and boring, but for some reason, Matthias enjoyed it.


Matthias grew close to the Abbottess at the time, Abbottess Korm. Korm began to respect Matthias so much, in fact, that he became one of the penguins who assisted him in castle duties. Basically he was an assistant. This meant that he had an important job of maintaining the entire castle. Matthias would wake up in the early morning and wander around the castle grounds taking stock takes and checking if everything went well in the castle. This job also meant that in the event the Abbottess could not make it to an event, Matthias would attend instead. So, when Matthias had to attend government meetings, he was usually the youngest to attend.

Eventually, Korm retired his job as Abbottess due to old age in 1984. With his massive respect, Korm appointed Matthias as the new Abbottess. So on Culldrome Day (January 26th), Matthias was crowned Abbottess of Bluetower Castle. Matthias was only 19 when he became the Abbottess. He ruled the whole land and kept it running normally. In fact, he made the whole castle better. Farms were enlarged and the castle lake was cleaned up. This in turn made produced more food. There was so much food, that stalls were set up all the way in the city, where the castle-dwellers would sell their produce. This boosted the local economy of the castle.

With this new money, Matthias used it to upgrade the existing facilities. The roofs were retiled and broken furniture finally replaced. The sick-bay was expanded and upgraded into a fully-fledged hospital, complete with modern equipment. This new facility was now equipped to deal with more complex diseases and Ditto poisoning. With this new upgrade, more creatures were able to be treated. In the future, during the Porcyal War, the castle provided a safe haven - it was quiet, peaceful, hidden and had the ability to treat the wounded soldiers.

Matthias also wanted to bring technology from the modern world to the castle. One day, he brought a couple of boxes of scrap metal into the castle. He tasked the castle-dwellers to use the scrap and try to build a robot. One thing that was not thought through was that no-one knew what to do. Matthias saw this as a failure and took the boxes into his office. After reading countless books on robot building, Matthias started to experiment with the scrap. Eventually, he made a small RC controlled robot. Matthias enjoyed this and made inventing his pastime. Matthias became an expert, and soon he had a small workshop built for him in the castle. He attempted to teach the citizens how to build robots, but failed again. So, Matthias just continued with his past time.

End of Term[edit]

Matthias ended his term in 1987. His short reign only lasted for 2 years. Matthias resigned because he wanted to do something different; something new. Matthias began to travel all around the Culldrome Isles and, eventually, Antarctica. He traveled all around the continent, becoming employed in part time jobs, getting into trouble and just having fun. It was on these trips that he met Blowey. Eventually, they got married and moved to the Adelie Manor.

In 1990, Matthias and Blowey had a son, named Chub 777. It was this same penguin that would save the whole world later on. Five years later, Buhc 777 was born. In 2000, the family moved to Club Penguin. There, they lived a quiet life compared to the manor.

Five years later, in 2005, Matthias and Blowey left Club Penguin for the Adelie Manor, leaving Chub and Buhc. Their sons would later join the PSA, tnen the EPF. Matthias later picked up a job as a librarian. Due to this, his knowledge bank increased a lot. He has successfully managed to memorize the whole history of the USA off my heart. Although not a permanent job, Matthias still does not hesitate to help others in need, just as he would as an Abbottess.

Present Day[edit]

Today, Matthias sometimes drops into the national library in South Pole City. His job as a librarian is part-time and so Matthias does not have to work hard and long hours. This allows him time with his wife and children. It also allows him time to practice his hobby - building and inventing. Matthias has built several operating robots but they still need lots of maintenance. Even so, Matthias is very proficient at this skill.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]


The notable strengths of Matthias include his large memory, good cognitive thinking and skills with robotics and machinery. Matthias is said to have a photographic memory. This allows him to remember small patterns and changes that no-one would really notice. Photographic memory also came in handy during The Epic Adelie Story, when he uses it for remembering vital (and useless) information. Matthias also has an exceptional ability to think and assess the situation. This also helps with complex problem solving and games of chess. Matthias has thought his way out of many situations. These skills are very important but he has made to move towards joining the EPF or CSIA.

Matthias has also had an interest with inventing since his time as an Abbottess. He is quite adapt at creating and designing robots. Matthias has made many robots and other quirky inventions, rivaling Gary the Gadget Guy in terms in inventing skills. Matthias' inventions usually work, though some fail on occasion, and if they do work, most of them need a lot of maintenance. However, there have been some perfect inventions. In addition to this, Matthias can diffuse a Ditto Bomb and shut down a robot within a matter of seconds. Matthias has also perfected an efficient, working, EMP Grenade that can stop machines from working.


However, despite all of these EPF worthy strengths, Matthias does have weaknesses. He has a phobia of pies, which prevented him battling in the Great Darktonian Pie War. Instead, he worked with scientists to develop sentry guns that shoot pies. This off-battlefield work prevented many penguins from being hit by enemy pies. Matthias would also do anything to get his hands on a spanner and toolbox, ignoring anything and everything to get to his target. Once he reaches those tools, he will try his best to keep them. This usually gets him stuck in a sticky situation. However, when Matthias knows that the tools are not his, he stays calm and doesn't go off on a frenzy. He also has a weakness for duct tape and can't invent anything without it.


Matthias was a former Abbottess of Bluetower Castle. This meant that he used to rule the whole castle. His reign only lasted for 2 years, though. After that, he traveled around Antarctica because of his adventurous nature. Soon later, he married Blowey Adelie. Eventually, they both had two sons, Chub 777 and Buhc 777. Both of them became famous around the continent and beyond. Matthias is also the owner of Adelie Manor the big, old mansion which the Adelie Family owns and inherits.

During The Epic Adelie Story, Matthias provided Chub and Buhc with advice on the Culldrome Isles. He also provided his assistance whenever they came across a contraption or trap. Later on, however, Matthias joins the two on their journey.


Even though Matthias quit his role as Abbottess long, long ago, he kept his robes. To this day, he still wears them. The robes are green. There is also a green "belt" that is tied around his waist. This belt fastens and holds up the robe, thus stopping it from falling. During his time as an Abbottess, Matthias also wore a golden crown and had a staff, both of which had small amounts of Porcyal. It also had minute traces of diamond to re-inforce the crown and the staff. When Matthias retired, the crown and staff had to be given back to the castle.




  • Okay, let's see what we need...WHAT?!? NO DUCT TAPE?! What sort of invention is this?!|
  • Let's see...duct tape...where is it? Where is my duct tape? WHERE IS MY DUCT TAPE?


  • Matthias is showing Gary his new invention.
Matthias: Lo and behold! PAPERPLANE 3000!
G: Umm...that's a very nice invention you've got there, Mr. Adelie.
Matthias: It is isn't it?
G: Well I do recommend one thing.
Matthias: And that is?
G: Well...for starters make something that hasn't been made before...not just...

Gary picks up a watch and holds it up.

G:...say that this is a Watch 3000.
Matthias: Oh really?

Matthias presses a "button" on the paper plane. A rubber nozzle comes out from the back and ignites. Sending the plane off like a rocket.

G: Impressive! Very impressive!


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