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Maxwell Robert "Max 1537" Johnson

Mwa ha ha ha ha!
Born Maxwell Robert Johnson
February 4, 1995 (1995-02-04) (age 24)
Colonial Antarctica
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Max, Evil Guy
Occupation Explorer, thief, monster.
Home town South Pole City
Height 5'10"

Maxwell Robert Johnson, better known as Max 1537, is an evil penguin who comes from the USA. He was an explorer back in Antarctica, but has since turned rogue and is secretly trying to attack Tomville.


Max hatched in South Pole City on February 4, 1995. His parents were both poor. Darian, his dad, was a janitor at a local high school, while his mom, Carla, was unemployed. Since most of the people in South Pole City were richer than him, Maxwell was very jealous, and took his anger out on everyone. He got expelled from most of the public schools in the USA by the time he was 12 years old, and he escaped the school system in general by his 14th birthday.


In December 2008, during the Christmas Break at school, Max went on an expedition to Rockhopper Island, where he found some red puffles and a lot of gold. Like any evil penguin, Max stole about 1.2 million gold coins, only to get caught and arrested at the Club Penguin Island checkpoint. He spent two months in jail. After his release, just two days shy of his birthday, he never went back to school again.

That summer, in June 2009, Max bought a jetpack, which he used to go to Yow. However, per the request of King Alexander, Max was brutally removed from the country, and forbidden to go back.

Long Jail Time[edit]

This 2011 photo shows Max making amulets for ninjas.

On July 17, 2009, Max's mom died, which caused him to go crazy. His dad now worked in the Happyface State, so no one was there to take care of him. Left to his already devious devices, Max went and burned down an igloo. Since the owner's yellow puffle and purple puffle died in the burning, and everything the owner had was destroyed, Max was compelled to spend three years in prison without bond and without parole. This ended his hope of exploring, but he wanted revenge somehow.

In jail, Max's number was 1537. Since there are many penguins named Max, he's often called Max 1537 to avoid confusion.

Discovering Shops Island[edit]

In prison, Max had learned that a new country was founded, Shops Island. To him, it seemed like a fairly stupid country, so he thought "Why not raid it?" Via the jail computers, Max obtained flight directions to Shops Island, and he saved them for until he was released from jail.

After his release in July 2012, Max yanked off his probation bracelet and left for Shops Island, settling in the Freezestonia town of Kapsaalu. He lived behind a wooden fence that was twenty feet tall, and he almost never left the building. Here, he did research on how to make nuclear weapons and which town was the most vulnerable to attack. He chose Tomville, which had just been plagued by The Great Golden Crisis of 2012, to be his victim of revenge against society.

Secret Spying Begins[edit]

Max moved to Tomville on October 20, 2012. However, similar to his stay in Kapsaalu, he never leaves his apartment. Since Max moved in early in the morning, nobody knows where he lives, but it's assumed that he lives in the Lostell district of Tomville, as that's where many lower-income penguins live.

In November 2012, Max and Johnny had a virtual chat, since the mayor questioned whether Max's long jail sentence should get him kicked out. Johnny allowed Max to stay, not knowing his evil plans to destroy Tomville. Pleased with the plan, Max went on ahead and bought supplies to build his mini-bombs (nuclear bombs were too big for his apartment). Everything that happened between November and July 31, 2013 is unknown, since Max's spying/proposed bombing was supposed to be secret.

Partnership and Protection With Joseph D[edit]

At 9:30 PM on August 1, 2013, Max called Atumland governor Joseph D and asked if he could reside there. Joseph agreed. This was Max's first confirmed interaction with the outside world since the webchat with Johnny. It is unknown when he moved away, but it was between the phone call and Max's asylum grant. Max received asylum for three years on August 3, 2013 from Atumland and Snowiny.

On August 4, 2013, a penguin that had Max's unique hairdo was spotted ordering food at a McDoodles store in the south side of Josephsburgh. Despite wearing a completely different outfit, this penguin was the same height as Max and had a Ruscan accent, just like him. It is yet to be determined if this is Max; however, if it is, nothing will happen to him, unless he leaves Snowiny.