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Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Health Excellent
Level Unknown
Status Playing with his computer
Location Club Penguin Island

Mcboy973 is an Emperor Penguin living on Club Penguin Island. He is well known for his cool hairstyle, and for being an all around good sport. He has a salary of 500 coins.


Hatched to unknown parents on September 24, 2000, Mcboy973 lives in Club Penguin Island.

Mcboy973 became unusually awesome during his chickhood (supposedly because of the secluded childhood), and though passed at grade school with flying colors, he didn't have many friends. This pretty much continued throughout grade school. However, since the the age of thirteen, his peers treated him fairly, and he gave them respect. He began making more friends, and is still making friends slowly.

Normal Appearance[edit]

Mcboy973's color is Dark Blue, he has a cool hair style, and usually is in his blue shirt.


Mcboy973 has quite a few friends.


He sometimes works as a server in both the Pizza Parlor and Coffee Shop, and has fallen asleep on the job once or twice.




Mcboy's first puffle, Gary.
  • His first puffle is named Gary. He also owns two of Gary's siblings, Pearl and Patrick Star.
  • Mcboy973 has a new nickname known as "MC Dude".
  • He has lived on Club Penguin Island his whole life.
  • He is afraid of Club Penguin getting destroyed.