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Mccoon Academy
Logo of the School
Plan View of the School
Key details
Type Educational School
Level It depends.
Location Mccoon Island
Inhabitants Students and Teachers + See Below.

The Mccoon Academy is the local school of Mccoon Island. Formed in 2006 to cater to the needs of the many chicks living in Mccoon, the original school compound was blown up by the Castillans during the Snoss-Castillan War. During the blast, several chicks were deeply injured, and the parents of the chicks wishes to sue the Castillan army for their loss. After reaching a court settlement, Castilla and Batavia, the new caretaker of the island, would each pay a compensation of more than three million pebbles to the affected families and would accodomate and pay for all fees for the school for the next twenty-five years.


The Mccoon Academy was built in 2006 to accodomate chicks to teenagers' education. The plan was conceptualised in 2005 by the local government, who wished to prevent chicks from travelling to faraway lands to partake in education. The school follows the USA education system, in which chicks from grades K-12 were all housed within the same school.

By 2010, enrolment reached a 500. But soon to come would be the worst war to surface on Mccoon Island.

Snoss-Castillian War[edit]

During the Snoss-Castillan War, many soldiers hid inside buildings. The Snoss hid inside Building A of Mccoon Academy. The Castillans detected their presence and fired a rocket at the building, causing many to be injured and many were severely injured. The war ended soon after.

The families of the chicks were deeply depressed and went on to sue the entire Castillian Army in the Intercontinental Court for their misdeeds. Soldiers who have fired the rocket were accused and one was even beaten up outside the courtroom by an angry parent. The Margate Antarctica Islands, who preceded the court, ruled that the Castillans were at fault, and that the government of Castilla has to pay the damages. Amid a crippling economy, Batavia decided to pay half the share as well. The total compensation amounts to more than a billion pebbles amid much protesting outside the Castillian embassies around Antarctica.

Batavia has agreed to build the new school for Mccoon Academy as well. The school will be three times the size of the original and has a spending budget four times that of the original school. Batavia also agreed to allow Mccoon Academy to implement its own education system.

The Compound[edit]

Before the Blast[edit]

They contain two main buildings, plus two small houses. The first building is for the elemantry, with four floors. Each room contains a class. There are 3 classes on each floor, which makes up 12 classrooms.

The other building contains all middle school programmes from the top three floors. The bottom is the canteen, tuckshop, library and other facilities.

There is a large field, with two smaller houses. They are the: Kindergarten Classes where they host all kindergarten activities and the sports centre, to rent sport materials. There is lastly the Inter-Section building. These are the stairs. The principal's office is located at the canteen's inersection building. So as the toilets and library.

During the Blast[edit]

During the blast, the right side of the building used for elementary school students collapsed entirely, injuring dozens and almost killing one. The middle school building suffered huge structural damages and collapsed a week after the war ended. The two houses, which were vacant at the time, were eradicated to rubble.

After the Blast[edit]


After the blast, the Batavian government has agreed to build a new compound that will involve more than twelve thousand workers and a humongous budget. The school was completed within a record three months and the official opening ceremony was held on October the 14th.

There are now three central buildings, two with a length of four classrooms, a width of two (with a corridor in the middle), and a height of four buildings. These two central buildings are connected to a canteen in the middle. The third central building is an expanded version, with a length of eight classrooms with a width of one classroom, and a height of four floors as well. There is both a football field at the back, a large assembly square (in the middle of the compound) and a hall located on the second storey of the canteen. Refer to the map above for more.

There is a total enrolment of 550 penguins. 60 of them are in Kindergarten, 300 of them are in Primary/Elementary, 150 are in Secondary/Middle & High and 40 are in Junior College/Pre-Uni. This was one of the factors that helped in organising the allocation of rooms.

Block A and Block B are where the Secondary and Pre-Uni students are located. Six rooms are used as classroom bases (that is where students gather for most subjects, their home classroom), all of which are on the first floor. Two rooms dedicated to Home Economics are located on the ground floor as well, one in each block. On the second floor there are six Science laboratories, two for Biology, two for Chemistry and two for Physics. The seventh room is the Band room and the eighth room is the Art room. The third floor is dedicated to other subjects, such as Music and Design and Technology. Half of the fourth floor is used for other subjects, and the remaining four rooms are Computer Laboratories, one of which uses the Peach operating system.

Block C is where Primary students, as well as all other subject rooms, are located. The bottom ten rooms, all eight on the ground floor and two on the second floor, are used for classrooms. Other rooms on the second floor are used for Art, Music, Science Laboratory One, Science Laboratory 2, Computer Lab One and Computer Lab Two. The third and fourth floors are used for all other activities and vary greatly.

The main building is where the canteen is located. The canteen is located on the ground floor, whilst the Hall takes up the entirety of the second and third floors. The fourth floor is dedicated to Kindergarten classrooms. This is the only building where a lift was installed, and is meant specifically for Kindergarten students.


Mccoon Academy does not follow the Batavian education system nor the USA education system, even before the disaster. Due to the extra funding from the Batavians after the war, a more comprehensive curriculum was implemented to match the standards of its counterparts in USA and Batavia.

In primary school, students are to take the subjects, English, Batavian/Italian,

After the Blast[edit]


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