Mcdonald's City

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Mcdonald's City
Country UnitedTerra
Area Flipscone
Population 2,000,000
rank by 2009 5,3546,300
Inhabited species Reindeer, Penguins, Puffles etc.
General information
Native name None
Foreign name None
Demonym Mcdonaldian
Founded 1910
– Founder Mcdonald the Reindeer

Not to be confused with Mcdonalds City.

Mcdonald's City is a city in Flipscone. It is a large city, with over 2,000,000 people living in it. Most of them are reindeer, who immigrated to the UnitedTerra continent decades ago. Because of the large number of Reindeer, the city has many restaurants and food production companies greated towards the production of their food.


It was discovered by reindeer pioneers in the 1900s, and started out small. They were lead by a brave and adventerous Reindeer named Mcdonald. The climate of the city (and much of UnitedTerra) was habitable for the Reindeer. Most who settled down were farmers who grew grass and other crops to eat, although as technology improved, they took other jobs.

The City became much more urbanized as time went on and more penguins started to move into the area.


Initially the city was primarily rural, and imported crops, but has since modernized. Crop growing is still a major source of income for many citizens, due to the high concentration of phosphorous rock in the city.

The city mostly exports its foods to other cities with a high concentration of Reindeer, since it is geared to their diets. However Penguins also have use for their crops and buy them as well.

The City also has several companies specializing in Genetically modifying crops so they grow quicker and can survive in low temperatures.


  • This the first Reindeer Cities in the Antarctic.