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Mcdonalds City
The skyline for Mcdonalds City
Country USA
Area Eastshield
Monuments Mr Cow2 Statue
Electric Square
Nathan Palmares Park
Mayor Ron Emmanuel (Current)
Jonathan James
Population 564,340 (city)
630,230 (metropolitan area)
Inhabited species Penguins, Puffles, etc.
General information
Native name Mcdonalds City
Demonym McDonalder
Founded 2011
– Founder Mcdonalds394
Time zone Eastshield Time Zone
Area codes 999

Not to be confused with Mcdonald's City, UnitedTerra.

McDonalds City is a city in the state of Eastshield, USA. It was founded in 2011, and has since grown to be one of the larger cities in the state, still ranking below the cities that are near the Glassy River. It is also one of the only large cities in Southeastern (since SPC is South) Eastshield that isn't on the coastline. Around Antarctica, McDonalds City is often known for their love of sports, and multiculturalism.


Before Mcdonalds City was discovered, the land that the city was on was barren and inhabited. The city was a grassy plain, which no vegetation except for the grass and no animals spotted in the premises. This very plot of land was explored during the winter of 1950 by George C. Trottsekker. He wanted to build a city there, called Coral Burrough, but needed to get permission from the capital first. He set offf for the capital, but the harsh winter in the plot of land killed Trottsekker before he can get there. Trottsekker was buried in his hometown of Shiverpool.

However, in 2009, a then semi-famous penguin from Club Penguin, Mcdonalds394, noticed that there was a large amount of cities near the Polar district, but almost none in the Southern (or Eastern) part of the state. So, he set off on a mission to make his own city. He traveled to Eastshield, and found the best possible spot for his city, near the middle of the uninhabited lands, and built an igloo for himself. For months, Mcdonalds had to use his propeller cap (Wait, he had one?) and jetpack from CP to get to and from this new city, since it was far away from civilization, and there were no roads near the location either. So, it took two years, but McDonalds finally got 50,000 penguins in his city (a large amount from South Joseon and Freezeland), which is the minimum number to become an official city in the state of Eastshield. With his mission being accomplished, McDonalds394 left the city and now only spends a few months out of the year there, in the mansion he had built.

By the time that Mcdonalds departed the city in 2011, the city was decent sized, it had enough igloo neighborhoods to house 100,000 penguins, stores on almost every street corner, a road leading into the city, and Governance amenities. Near the center of the city was also a stadium for the Mcdonalds All-Stars, a Major Hockey League team owned and managed by Mcdonalds394 until he gave the ownership away. After it became a city, the Mcdonalds City citizens voted Jonathan James in as the Mayor. By 2015, a number of the early Igloo neighborhoods were demolished, and larger condominiums, skyscrapers and apartment buildings have been built in their place. That same year, the Land Transport Ministry of Antarctica voted to build a freeway, linking southern Eastshield to northern Eastshield.

Jonathan James decided to retire as mayor in 2014. The population elected Ron Emmanuel as the new Mayor. After Ron Emmanuel was elected, things seemed good for the city, more specifically the fact that they had great relations with other cites.


The government in McDonalds City works very similar to that of Eastshield, or other cities. There is a mayor, currently Ron Emmanuel, and also a board of City Commissioners, which can vote on things for the city. They are known to have some strict laws in comparison to other cities, such as the 2,500 fish fine for harassment. As with most other cities, they have their own police and fire departments.

In 2013, the USA also built a fort on the outskirts of McDonalds City, which housed the Mcdonalds City 40th Regiment. It also housed a few other regiments near there. However, it didn't last long, as a large petition was created to destroy the forts in 2017. The military left the city, with many workers and soldiers staying in the city to become firefighters and policemen.



Though English is the official language of McDonalds City Korean, Irish and Penguinian are also used by a lot of citizens who immigrated from around Antarctica.


McDonalds City is known across Antarctica as one of the most active sports cities, with teams for popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. They also have teams for less popular sports like lacrosse and rugby. The city's only hockey team is owned and managed by Mcdonalds394, and after a naming contest, was called the Mcdonalds All-Stars. However, on July 2, 2016, the All-Stars were bought by Spike Hike Enterprises, and have been owned by Spike Hike ever since. This caused many citizens to hate Hike, and spread rumors about him during the 2016 Presidential Elections.


  • Most residents like Bill Gate$, making 49% of Bill Gate$ protesters (thankfully not ZapWire) think that the city is evil.
  • McDonalds City is one of the healthiest cities in Eastshield, largely in part due to their sports activity.
  • It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA, having approximately 350,000 citizens only 5 years after being founded. Much more people (and immigrants) are moving in to the city in 2016, but it's still unknown.
    • The metropolitan area is somewhat larger, but the amount people living there is also unknown.
  • The Elite Penguin Force has a base here, too.

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