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"Ahh! There are penguins under my igloo!" -Mdccapp2 to Penguin Squad
Title I'm handsome -Mdccapp2
Gender Male
Race Penguin (Spheniscidae)
Faction Younger immature brother of Pengijoker
Health High
Level Uhh... What's a level?
Status Wearing his nightcap and is snoring for almost 9 hours!
Location Mdccapp2's igloo, Penguin Squad hideout
Occupation Penguin Squad member
Interests Sugar, Sweet Food, Trampolines, Bombs
Friends Penguin Squad, Yyywoofoo, Ariel96473, Mariposa132, Superpingu96, Pengu629, Pengeto, Pengijoker.
Enemies The hypnotized golden puffle's army

He is Pengijoker's younger hyperactive immature brother who prefers sweet things and dozing off.


He hatched on November 22, 1999 at the same place Pengijoker hatched and is seemingly more crazier than his brother when he was still a chick. Ever since he saw Pengijoker he started following him and if his brother follows him he throws snowballs at him. When he first tasted sweet food (Cotton Candy) he goes nuts and starts moving at hyperspeed with his eyes swirled and he has the ability to waddle upside down, reverse, fly, teleport, etc. He grew up and seems to be an introvert but ever since he went outside he acts childish to people. Ever since Pengijoker obtained his ability to shapeshift he starts envying him, but when he realizes that the ability may go throught the family he obtained some of Pengijoker's power but is still not evil. He is clumsy. When he still lived in Pengijoker's igloo, he bumps into one or two furniture and causes a chain reaction which causes the igloo to fall apart. So Pengijoker gave him his very own igloo so he could not give any more problems to his brother anymore. He is revealed to be an accurate thrower. When he first had his igloo, he had no coins as his brother has all the coins so he started to ask his brother for coins just to buy furniture. He had a target which made him very accurate in snowball throwing which always makes him the snowball throwing master. He is still obssessed in sugar and if he hasn't got sweet food he goes nuts and acts like a zombie, imagining everyone is a candy-coated statue which he could eat.


In his first fair, he got a cotton candy as his first prize, when he tasted it he went extremely paranoid that he ran away at immense speed and started flying to somewhere in Club Penguin City . Pengijoker now curious filed him missing and even went on a search for him. He unusually found him at the ceiling of a tall building and struggled to get him. But Mdccapp2 flew down. As soon as he reached ground his swirly hypnotized eyes turn back to its regular state and collapsed. 1 minute later he woke up and found out he is in his brother's igloo on a pile of snow near a big crack on the igloo. He realized that the sugar was the one causing him to be powered up.


  • He loves sugar and never takes his eyes or flippers off of them.
  • He is extremely accurate in everything.
  • He acts like a zombie if he doesn't get sugar for a long long time.
  • He is clumsy.
  • He once ate sugar at the Snow Forts and due to speed made a snowball the size of the meteor and won.
  • He once blew up when he ate a sack of sugar.
  • He is immature.
  • He can transform a little only.

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