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"Where did my buddy PengijoXer get to NOW?"
Title X-Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Antibodies
Faction His Cotton CandeX is his X-ray
Health Equal to PengijoXer
Level Penguin Xquad CommandeX
Status Chasing his Un-X 'd version Mdccapp2
Location In Mdccapp2's igloo.
Enemies Penguin Squad

He is the X-Antibody of Mdccapp2. But, instead of going to the Penguin Squad at the right, taking naps, and eating cotton candy. He goes to the portal to the Penguin Xquad on the left, and takes long hours of keeping his eyes wide open, and eats Cotton CandeX. He and PengijoXer hang out Together.


At first, he decided to get a new cotton candy from the newest candy cotton stand in town! X's CandyCotton But what he received instead was a purple colored dusty cotton candy in X-Virus until he started sneezing. He ran directly home to wash. Until he sneezed out of the sink purple phlegm. Which transformed into MdccappX

"Hello Mdccapp2, why, eating ANOTHER Cotton Candy to Store For New Year, HUH?."

"How did You Know?"

"Reading Your Mind, My POWER! , well, you don't know, RIGHT?."


"... Well, I will rule everyONES! Mind. And will now make them dream of MEEEEEEEEEEEE!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!"

He then disappeared.

"Oh NOEZ! Everyones mind! Especially MY Mind. NOOOOOOOOOO!"


"Oh! I must have forgotten to tell you. I will haunt your MIND 10 Times in a row on a single day. You got that?!?"

"Very well, OK."




He Is in The Penguin Xquad's Hideout while hanging out with PengijoXer.

Like his friend PengijoXer, he was captured by KwikXilver and ironically controlled by Nightmare. He was wiped out by the Gigant Explosion.


"This dream sucks."

"Mdccapp2. Too bad you didn't join the party last night?"

At the theater...

MdccappX: "You bought popcorn. Spicy flavored."

Mdccapp2: "Hey!"

At the Fair...

MdccappX: "You bought cotton candy... AGAIN!"

Mdccapp2: *grunts*

At his igloo...

MdccappX: "You made coffee. Bought ice cream, pizza and just got membership in the next few hours."

Mdccapp2: "Could you knock it off already!?"

"You just went here to just guess what i bought!?"

MdccappX: " *grunts* Yeah! Well how did you know!?"


  • He, too, has the opposite personalities of Mdccapp2
  • He has the power of the mind and has telekinesis.
  • He hypnotizes people and goes out through a Penguin's mind.

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