Mean Girlz

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Mean Girlz
There they are.....
Title Jerks!
Gender Female
Race Penguins
Faction How should I know?
Health Pretty healthy for a bunch of n00bs.
Level 9,000!!!!!!
Status Smarting off to their parents/teachers.
Location South Pole City.
Occupation Snob sauce!
Interests Being mean, the latest fashion, Justin Beaver (who himself despises them).
Friends Themselves
Enemies Everybody who doesn't dress like them, you
Archetype Gee, what do you think?

The Mean Girlz, formerly known as the Buttercuppiez, are a clique of mean, snobby girls who boss every penguin around, tell them who to be, and what to wear. No penguin ever listens to what they say because they never say anything intelligent, and indeed, they have no respect, being seen as less than schoolyard bullies and Walruses.


They all met in preschool, and decided to have a "clubby-wubby" together called the Buttercuppiez. They were sickeningly sweet to everybody that they saw. Their signature outfits were sundresses and flip-flops.

When the cuteness phase became a cliche (fifth grade was when this was decided), they kept a promise to stay adorable, but in a different way. They wouldn't be sweet and only use sweetness in the cases of sarcasm or blame, and they changed their clique name to Mean Girlz.

Their top promise was We are fashion slaves, and we are infectious. We shall make everybody obey. Those who don't obey will receive a painful makeover to feel uglier. Follow this and the other rules, and you'll be awarded with a free bagel. However, the member who wrote this, Ally, is the only one who likes bagels.

The Promise of the Clique[edit]

On this day (December 5th, 2008) and on this hour (3:23 p.m.) we have gone through multiple changes, such as personality, growth, style, shoe sizes, clothing sizes, a group name change, and most importantly, our highly positive opinion of the fashion world. We aren't the Buttercuppiez anymore, we are the Mean Girlz. What this means is....

We're keeping the letter Z in place of an S. Duh, it looks, like, so much cooler that way!
The members of this clique are going to stay adorable like in the younger years, but in a different way. In a "boys-think-we're-so-cute" kind of way.
Christina, Makayla, and I (Ally) are going to stop being so sickeningly sweet and start being rude and vicious. It's the most efficient way to get the new fashion laws through, duh! However, there is a place in this world for sweetness; a place YOU don't need to know of, idiot!
In conclusion, we are fashion slaves, and we are infectious. We shall make every penguin within a hundred miles (or whatever the biggest number in the world is) obey. Those who don't obey will receive a painful makeover...of DOOM. Follow this and the other rules, and you'll be awarded with a free bagel.

We aren't copying any other cliques, we are not stealing from our heroine, Angeline, we are so totally, like, not like the stereotypical group you can spot on TV, nor the Fashion Police, but a unique group of our very own. Whoever thinks we are copying any of those listed will receive a beating using mascara and glitter gloss (which is actually pretty efficient, y'know).
This document is secretive. The only people who are allowed to see it, touch it, and even smell it are the Mean Girlz. And our parents of course, but not like they would snoop. I would so totally, like, flip if they found this.

Christina Baxter, Allison Choker, and Makayla Reuben.

P.S.: Every penguin loves us!!!!!!


  • Honestly, every penguin hates them.
  • They all idolize Angeline and want to be like her someday.
  • They seem to remind all Club Penguin Wrestling Entertainment employees of the former tag team Kay Cold due to their ignorance and attitude.
  • The Mean Girlz hope to someday include the Muffin Twins in their clique.

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