Mech Rider

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Mech Rider
The rider revealed . . . . . WAIT DONT LOOK AWAY FROM THE STEERING WHEEL!!!
Title Leader of the Elite Mech Force
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Pilot. AKA drives Mechs
Health Excellent
Level High in standards
Status Piloting a Mech
Location USA


Early Years[edit]

He was born on September 17,1996 on a secret training facility. His parents were mech pilots and went out on a mission one day with the mech squad. They never returned. It appears that they were ambushed by Darktan Mechs. They didn't stand a chance. Mech Rider was then adopted by a retired pilot. He was trained to be a great Mech pilot.

Later in Life[edit]

By now Mech Rider knew of his real parents demise and was a great pilot.He struck fear into all on the battlefield when piloting his Mech, the Steel Raider. He has pledged his life to fighting Darktan and is doing a good job at it. He is at the top of Darktan's Most Wanted as #12.Later he discovered that his cousin,William Rider is the leader of the Mech Force that deleted his parents,so he set out for revenge.He found his cousin,and an epic mech battle began. In the end,Mech Rider successfully deleted his cousin and his mech.

Current Life[edit]

Nowadays he takes missions like blowing up major enemy bases.He has a bad knee,and has a limp.His best friend is Maddieworld.He loves to play strategy games like chess in his spare time. He has a very high IQ.Mech Rider is constantly repairing his mech.He has eight puffles. He has one adopted son named James Rider ( 4 years old ). He rides his own personalized version of the Next Generation Avatar Warmech V2.


  • He is somewhat arrogant and never asks for help.
  • He doesn't smile much.nobody knows why but him....
  • He hates Mwa Mwas (who doesn't????)
  • It is rumored that he is a Str00del because he likes waffles and Mr. Bean,but this has been proven false because he doesn't speak in l33t.
  • He has a very low sense of humor.
  • He is a parody of Eon Dresari from the game Mechwarrior4: Vengence.
  • He can break the fourth wall because he sometimes turns to the audience and says, "Don't see that everyday."
  • He has created a large variety of weapons.


  • Don't see that everyday.....
  • LOCK AND LOAD!!!!!!
  • Back away from my Mech and no one gets hurt.
  • mmmmm.... I love the smell of Waffles in the morning. Smells like victory.....
  • Why do I never smile? That is my business.