Medieval Party

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Medieval Party
The official logo.
Type Cultural; Historical
Official name Medieval Party
Also called Knight's Party, Princesses Party
Observed by Club Penguin Island
Dates Varies from year to year
Begins Varies
Ends Varies
Celebrations Knights, Princesses, Nobility, Dragons
Related to The Middle Ages

The Medieval Party is a popular Medieval themed party that was inspired by the Middle Ages, back when there were knights, kings, castles, princesses, and the bountiful legends of dragons. Today, the Medieval Party is only celebrated in Club Penguin, where it it sponsored by Swiss Ninja and the Snoss, and King Carlos Goberna and the Castillans. The Medieval Party is perhaps one of the most popular parties in CP, and what makes this party most unique is that the Snoss sponsors of the party had built mazes dubbed as "Quests" to find new items, and extra rooms are made, like the Treetop room.


In 2008, the delegates of the Ninja Archipelago wanted to introduce the inhabitants of Club Penguin some aspects of their cultures, which derived heavily from the Medieval Time period. In an effort for advertising his nation, Snowzerland, Swiss Ninja and King Carlos Goberna II of Castilla teamed up (secretly) to sponsor a new party that would be hosted in CP. The first party was launched on May 16, 2008, and lasted until May 25, 2008. It was one of Club Penguin's biggest parties in history, and it became a smashing hit. Because the Medieval Party succeeded so well, many penguins decided to move to Snowzerland, to Swiss Ninja's delight. Thus, Swiss Ninja continued to sponsor the Medieval Party, and each time more penguins were tricked into his advertising and more tourists and immigrants flocked from crowded CP to Snowzerland. Each year, SN also added more quests that revealed new and exciting knight's armor. Usually, after the party is over, the Snoss clean up the mess pretty quickly...however, in 2011, since they had a shortage on maintenance workers, cleaning took longer, and that gave Herbert a chance to steal the Robotic Hydra that were found in the quest and attacked the EPF HQ. After he was stopped, the Snoss were blamed for poor maintenance, but Swiss Ninja didn't seem to care much for it, but he promised that next time he would have Snoss Soldiers on patrol and helping getting the party cleaned up next time. In 2012, Swiss Ninja and King Carlos agreed to hire a special effects technician named Jacob Harford from South Pole City for the 2012 party. Harford re created many of the medieval rooms, although he kept a few of the originals, like the Plaza, Coffee Shop, Night Club, Forest, and Gift Shop. The Medieval Party is still one of the most popular parties in CP today.




  • The AU and all its delegates are strong sponsors of this party.
  • The Dragon Scorn was introduced in 2012, as well as the Thunder Blade, the first sword mass produced on the island.

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