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Megafloat shortly after completion
Flag of Megafloat.svg
Flag of Megafloat
Country AxlePowers.png Bridgestadt Pact Flag.svg Territory of the Axle Powers and the Bridgestadt Pact
Area Antarctic Ocean
General information
Founded 2018
– Founder Ed Island
Time zone Varies depending on location

Megafloat is a prospective seaborne city which is currently under construction. The city was conceptualized and funded by a joint effort between the Axle Powers and the Bridgestadt Pact. The Megafloat Project, as it has been dubbed, is one of the largest and most daunting infrastructure projects ever conceptualized in Antarctica. Initial estimates have put the price tag of this city at about 200 billion coins. Construction on the Megafloat Project began in the spring of 2018, and is expected to be complete by 2021.


2018 saw a large expansion of the Western Union, which was considered by many to be a primary rival to the Axle Powers. In response to the union's increasing size, a conference was held by Ed Island which brought together the member states of the Axle Powers and the Bridgestadt Pact. Together, this collective of nations agreed to embark on an ambitious infrastructure project, to create the city of Megafloat. The hope was that this new city would be a centerpiece for Antarctic trade and become a great boon for all nations involved in the construction of the floating city. Gathering enough capital to start the project was a major concern at the conceptual design stage, although Ed Island was eventually able to bring all the interested countries to an agreement. The initial cost estimate for the Megafloat Project was approximately 200 billion coins. Ed Island and Shops Island provided the bulk of the funding for this project.


Due to its limited space and intended design, Megafloat is an entirely planned city.


Megafloat was completed in mid-2021, and for the first year of its existence was subject to numerous structural tests. The city was officially opened to the public the following year, with a ceremony attended by all of the Axle and Bridgestadt leaders as well as several others from the Antarctic community. Ed Laboratories and TEWT were the first companies to open facilities, and were followed by several more in the following years.

During the Shops Civil War, Megafloat was closed to civilian traffic and essentially served as a military base for Axle and USSI forces. The vast majority of refugees from Shops Island were sent to Megafloat before being settled in the other member nations.

Countries Involved[edit]

Structure and Facilities[edit]


Visually, Megafloat is a vaguely octagonal structure divided into two tiers. A tunnel runs the entire length of the structure with facilities for cargo ships to dock and unload supplies.

Despite being a seafaring city, Megafloat is not mobile and is anchored in place near the Asiapelago. This places the city on an important stretch of the Antarctic Sea Trading Route between Shops Island and Margate, allowing almost 80% of all traffic along this line to stop at Megafloat.


The lower tier of Megafloat is reserved for factories, laboratories, and other industrial facilities.


The upper tier is reserved for city residences, parks, and other public properties. Almost all buildings on Megafloat feature a modernist "green" style with large amounts of glass and white metals.


Megafloat possesses its own defense force made up of specialized naval and marine units from the various Axle and Bridgestadt militaries. An aircraft carrier of the Ed Island Navy is permanently stationed at Megafloat along with its carrier defense group.

Key to Megafloat's defense are a series of automated combat drones. If an unidentified aircraft comes within a certain radius of the city without proper IFF or transponder codes, it is automatically engaged by interceptor drones.

In addition to Megafloat's defense garrison, the city is protected by an array of 32 point defense turbolasers.


Megafloat is governed by a city council headed by an elected Governor.

Aiding the Megafloat government is a Superintendent-class artificial intelligence, who manages the city's municipal and network infrastructure. Because of the Superintendent, Megafloat is known for having some of the least congested city streets in Antarctica.


Because of its low tax rate and favorable policies towards corporations, Megafloat is an intentional tax haven and has attracted many wealthy individuals and powerful companies. Megafloat additionally has an exclusive contract with Bepis-Cola that it would be the sole cola drink served on the city.

A large number of Protocol Droids were purchased to be used as custodial staff on Megafloat, where they act as guides and aides.

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