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In office
January 20th, 2017 – Incumbent
Vice President Happyface141
Preceded by Spike Hike

In office
January 20th, 2015 – January 20th, 2017
President Spike Hike
Preceded by Polo Field
Succeeded by George Pilfen

And remember, I am the right choice for Antarctica!
— Megg

Megara "Megg" Jean is the current and fourth President of the United States of Antarctica, having taken office on January 20th, 2017 - she is the first female to hold the position. Previously, she was the first female mayor of Club Penguin Island, and was formerly Polo Field's assistant. Once he retired as mayor in 2015, Megg took his place. She moved to the island in 2013, and graduated from Club Penguin University's Class of 2014 (first graduating class).


Megg was born on August 20th, 1990, in Shiverpool. When Megg was hatched, she was abnormally small for most chicks, figuring a premature hatching. She was sent to the hospital where she spent weeks in a incubator, finally gaining normal size and weight, and was then released. Her parents called Megg "A fighter" at that point. She usually refused to eat veggies and fish and was more interested in pizza (Without the seafood, of course), and when she went to Kindergarten for the first time, she had a odd argument with the teacher where Megg thought 2 + 2 was 5, and verbally battled it out with said teacher. But after that, she began to gain high marks in her grades. By the time Megg was in High School, she took an interest in politics. She was very interested on how the USA's government worked. She also liked the concept of arguing and duking it out, even if it meant she was wrong. Though, she was always bullied in High School, mainly for her small size. By the time she was in her senior year, Megg had a growth spurt which made her the tallest of her class. Adding to that, she was the best of her High School class and graduated with honors. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Club Penguin, taking part in the inaugural Club Penguin University class of 2014. Once again, she was at the top of her class (And still, tallest of her class), and once again, graduated with honors, and a master's degree.

Political History[edit]

Assistant to Polo Field[edit]

Once Megg graduated from college, she found her way into politics as a intern. She made it up the ranks until becoming Polo Field's assistant. For 2 years, she worked side by side with Polo Field, being taught how to be Mayor of Club Penguin, as she kind of became Polo's protégé. One day, Polo had to take care of some things overseas and immediately put Megg in charge for the weekend. For her brief stint as Mayor, she did pretty well, and shockingly, was well received (unlike her actual term). Then in 2015, Polo Field stepped down from being Mayor of CP and Megg became his successor.

Mayor of Club Penguin Island[edit]

Megg has often been criticized for actions she has taken as mayor of CP. She is known for grossly over-blowing the budget on every single party that is held on Club Penguin Island, following an age-old tradition started by Polo Field. These parties have still, however, brought in record low ratings on a normal basis. She was also responsible for overseeing the slow deterioration of Club Penguin's economy, due to policies put in place by Polo Field and Spike Hike, and then continued by Megg herself.


Despite her low approval ratings from her time as mayor, she announced in early 2016 that she would run for USA President. Early in the race, Megg had low approval ratings as well, but only the Club Penguin area was polled at the time. After two weeks of announcing her run, her approval ratings soared. She went through city to city in the USA, and every speech she gave only increased support. She was able to win numerous primaries and caucuses, except for the Club Penguin primary, where she received under 1% of the vote, which was a blow to Megg in supporter ratings. As they began to notice her time as mayor was a major disappointment, her approval ratings began to go down. But, due to the Conservative nominee, they soon went back up and evened out. When election time came, she won in an amazing landslide. But not without controversy, as she was accused of cheating and rigging the election to her favor. It is actually possible that she did, but these rumors drowned out, and it was revealed that the election was not rigged against her.

Upon her inauguration, Megg began her term as president. Megg intended to continue the bipartisanship of past Presidents in an age where politics had been strongly polarized and received widespread praise throughout the USA. Within the South Pole Council she passed a popular bipartisan reform to veteran's care and a pilot of an Universal Basic Income in selected communities. However an economic downturn, increased inflation and perceived foreign policy errors by the relatively hawkish Vice President Happyface141, who in one incident at a diplomatic meeting, denounced the government and military action of Acadia, a previous Antarctican ally coupled with the usage of an executive order to enable an expansion of the civil service after the SPC rejected a bill turned the right-wing against her. Within 50 days of holding office, the Conservative Party attempted a impeachment that was rejected by the Liberals and Democratic Socialists, with the Grand Republicans abstaining. An incident occurred during a state visit by UnitedTerra's President in March 15th, 2017 where a penguin, wearing an 'Impeach Megg' shirt, attempted to get on the stage and tackling her down. This was praised within the right-wing media that had been pushing the line that Megg is a "A ruthless dictator who doesn't know what she was doing", but condemned by left-wing commentators such as The Leader, who described the reaction among the right-wing media as "crass and sinking to the greatest low it's been" and former Grand Republican President Billybob, who deplored the current state of the right-wing.

One of the key components of Megg's platform was a strong foreign policy centered around peacemaking and peacekeeping. The president stated that she vowed to take a more conciliatory approach to foreign policy, although this approach was strongly contested by Vice President Happyface. Among the top priorities of Megg's foreign policy was an improvement of relations with North Joseon; Megg hoped to cool tensions between the two countries, which had remained high since the Joseonean War of 2010. Further, Megg's administration hoped to use the USA's significant influence in the Asiapelago to encourage North Joseon to disable its nuclear weapons program. On February 16, 2019, after many months of negotiations, President Megg announced alongside South Joseonean President Yoon Suk-Jin that there would be a push for a formal peace agreement between the two Joseons. Megg has stated multiple times that she hopes to have a formal diplomatic leader with North Joseonean dictator Kim Il-Sunguin. Multiple countries such as Margate, Polaris, and the United Penguin Islands have offered to host the historic first meeting, although the terms of the meeting are still being negotiated.


Megg identifies with the Fashist movement, and is a prominent member in the organization. This has drawn much criticism from both the public and many Antarctic politicians. Because of this, she has been refused a seat in the South Pole Council, and therefore Club Penguin is represented by someone else.


During Megg's time as mayor of Club Penguin, she set up the 2015 Halloween Party. Though, she didn't do this without help, she did it with Gary. Megg had made a rather odd request, which was a robot version of herself. Upon weeks of work, G made the Meggbot 2999. It was rather unusual that G made something that didn't bear the number 3000, but at the time, G was on a tight schedule set by Megg. When the party came, G showed off the Meggbot 2999, all seemed well at first, then it malfunctioned, and petrified penguins, becoming a terror and honestly, really made it feel like Halloween. It took G a while to find it and deactivate it. Upon the unsuccessful run of Meggbot 2999, Megg made another request to G a week after the party. She asked for a repaired version of the 2999, and gave G as much time as possible. Once again, G made another robot, now with the name Meggbot 3000. When Megg first laid eyes upon it, she called it "Shegg." Within months Megg grew attached to Shegg, and began taking it out in public and calling it her "Adopted daughter." G began to regret building Meggbot 3000 due to her disturbing attachment to it. If word was to get out, they would definitely question Megg's mental health.


  • She spends thousands of coins every year on CPD, a famous company known for making chocolate.


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