Meilor Polaris

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Meilor Polaris



War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength
Fight Strong, Polarians!
Capital Polaris City
Capital-in-exile Puerto Elanor
Political structure Puppet state of Puffalia
Chairman {{{leader1}}}
Historical era Frosian War
Currency Polarian Dollar, Soviet
Today part of PolarisFlag.png Federal Republic of Polaris
[1] - German was never widely spoken by the Polarians during the Meilor regime, but the government made it an official language in an attempt to make Meilor Polaris more like Puffalia.

Meilor Polaris was the Federal Republic of Polaris under Puffalian influence during the Frosian War. For the period it was under Puffalian control, it served all of Puffalia's needs with materials and live resources. The area also took on the Superiorism system like Puffalia. Although it had such ties with Puffalia, Meilor Polaris was supposed to be viewed as an independent country, and that's what the central government gave it off as. Former Polarian overseas territories such as Puerto Elanor, the Juno Islands, Sanders Islands, and Amery Island stayed in the hands of the Free Polarian Forces.

The country was disputed by many other nations, especially those with pro-allied intentions. The UAN appointed the Free Polarian Forces as the official successor state of the Federal Republic of Polaris. The Free Polarian Forces were also the ones who assumed all positions on the Antarctic stage as well as Polaris' GDP, leaving Meilor Polaris to be a sitting duck with no real legitimacy.


See main article: Frosian War

After the Puffalians invaded New Delphis early in the Frosian War, the Polarians were getting nervous. When the Puffalians conquered all of New Delphis, the Polarians built an impregnable defensive line known as the "Escargot Line" to keep the enemy at bay. When the Puffalians attacked the lines, Polaris declared war. In a matter of days, the Puffalians managed to outflank the allied forces and cut them off from the capital. All of the allies evacuated to Puerto Elanor via a small village named Kirkland, while the Polarians pushed northwest and captured Polaris City soon after. The Polarians surrendered and mainland Polaris became a territory of Puffalia, which was later reorganized into the Puffalian puppet state. The other territories were left for the time being, and a new Polarian government-in-exile was formed, named the Free Polarian Forces.


Meilor Polaris' government works under the Superiorism system and is effectively a puppet state of Puffalia. Hans Traugott is the head of state of the Meilor regime. Meilor Polaris has been described as a totalitarian dictatorship in it's own right, with severe penguin rights infringements but is still considered subtle compared to the Puffalian homeland. Citizens under the Meilor regime were subject to rights abuses, but nothing extraordinary in comparison with that of Puffalia or Puffarus.

Surprisingly, Meilor Polaris made effective use of the Polarian bureaucracy. One unnamed top Polarian bureaucrat that did not flee to Puerto Elanor, according to a CBN News interview indicated that " was almost as though it was business as usual. There weren't any purges suprisingly, the Polaris Harborfront Center was just full of menacing foreign troops." The Polaris Capitol District, along with the rest of Polaris City, was largely unscathed in the aftermath of the war.


Large numbers of the adult male Polarian population was unwillingly drafted into the Meilor Polarian military. Meilor Polaris' military was widely regarded as just an extension of the Puffalian military, which is how it was treated. During the Puffalian campaign in Freezeland, the Puffalian military was essentially 25,000,000 strong with the addition of Polarian and some Freezelandian draftees. Meilor Polaris' military used the same equipment as Puffalia, as well as some East Pengolian and Zhouese equipment. FR Polarian military equipment was confiscated by the Meilor regime and dissected to make more advanced technology for the Axis militaries.

International Recognition[edit]

Most countries across Antarctica refused to recognize Meilor Polaris, namely ones who supported the allies in the Frosian War. These states declared that Meilor Polaris was simply a non-sovereign puppet of Puffalia, although Axis nations and others disagreed, saying that it was an independent country that was simply allied to their cause. Many nations of the Axis powers and those who shared similar views recognized Meilor Polaris as a sovereign state. Below is a table of countries that recognized Meilor Polaris as a country.

State Diplomatic relations established
PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia Yes
PuffarusFlag.png Puffarus No
Asaina flag.png Zhou No
East Pengolia image flag.png East Pengolia Yes
Cicflag.png Confederacy of Independent Culldrome Yes
Flag of North Joseon.png North Joseon No

Foreign Relations[edit]

  • AxlePowers.png Axle Powers - Horrible! - The Axle Powers did not recognize the sovereignty of Meilor Polaris and saw it as no more than a puppet of Puffalia.
  • PuffaliaFlagNew.png Puffalia - Excellent - Although Puffalia wass practically the ruler of Meilor Polaris, the state and Puffalia still had very strong relations and both worked under Superiorism.
  • Asaina flag.png Zhou - Good - Zhou did not pay much attention to them, but as an ally of Puffalia, they recognized Meilor Polaris over the Free Polarian Forces.
  • USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica - Horrible! - The USA did not recognize the sovereignty of Meilor Polaris, and froze all their assets on the Polarian mainland after the Puffalian coup, which simultaneously relocated its relations and banks to territories of the Free Polarian Forces.
  • Sato.png South Antarctic Treaty Organization - Horrible! - SATO disregarded Meilor Polaris and instead favored the Free Polarian Forces, and also provided aid to fight against the Meilor regime.
  • Cicflag.png Confederacy of Independent Culldrome - Excellent - The CIC, which was also anti-Axle Powers, fully recognized and helped Meilor Polaris even though they themselves were not a legitimate state.
  • Flag of Ninja Archipelago Union.png Archipelago Union - Bad - The AU did not recognize either the Meilor regime or the Free Polarian Forces, and instead said that the Federal Republic of Polaris was the only legitimate government, which was just under a temporary suspension.
  • Circles.png Circular Powers - Horrible! - The Circular Powers did not recognize Meilor Polaris and found it as nothing but a dirty slave of Puffalia.


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