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Chill57181 is the person to who the term "melonhead" was originally applied to by Penstubal.

A melonhead is any penguin who is thought to be excessively arrogant, purposefully and intentionally annoying in a harassing manner, and excessively proud of themselves, including overly exaggerating their successes and downplaying their failures. These penguins also have a very developed superiority complex to subdue their many flaws and weaknesses - they also believe themselves to be superior to other penguins and have a strong desire to moderate their behavior, believing those penguins to be "unable to govern themselves". Additionally, they have a strong desire for power and controlling others (explaining why they are often seen in high levels in governments). The term "melonhead" has often lost this meaning, and some have used it not only to call penguins who actually behave like they are explained to previously, but also those who are their opponents for political or other reasons.

Some melonheads, Lavender being the most notable example, are also famous for being generic politicians, not only because of their aforementioned desire for power and feeling of superiority over others, but because of others traits mentioned as well. It is also important to note that, if you go by its official definition, melonheads and scrubs aren't mutually exclusive terms, and scrubs can be melonheads too, which is what Penstubal has often been accused of - however, he dispels this claim, saying that "not only do I fit any of the melonhead traits, but it is also strictly defined who can be a melonhead and who can not be, and scrubs cannot be melonheads" - his claim launched a debate in the international community over the definition of the word "melonhead".

Some theorize that the melonheads' desire to control others stems from them unable to control their own lives - this is widely disputed, however, as it is often a rule, not an exception, that melonheads are privileged penguins who lack real hardships in life and as a result do not know what it is like to face true hardships - this is precisely why they enjoy making other penguins' lives hard, as they are not aware what hardships truly are and how much they hurt.

Their main rivals are the scrubs, and some radical scrubs and radical melonheads believe that the two sides are stuck in a cultural war.


A watermelon.

The origin of the term "melonhead" comes from the mid-2010s, when Penstubal originally used it to refer to Chill57181 and was later popularized in the Penstubal Post to refer to him and other penguins Penstubal dislikes, although Penstubal has claimed that the term "has been a common saying forever" but that he "brought it back into use". It caught on with Penstubal's supporters for anyone that they dislike, and over the years Penstubal has come up with its meaning, often conflicting with his own past descriptions. The word "melonhead" is a combination of melon + head, and some have theorized that it refers to people who "are so stuck in a different reality that they stuck their heads into a watermelon in order to completely avoid it". Some have also theorized that it refers to the extremes they would go in order to get power, as sticking your head into a watermelon probably hurts a lot.

Some also say that it's simply because Melonheadquino was born with his head stuck inside a watermelon, and that's because of him the term 'melonhead' came to be used to everybody in any ways similar to him.

Behavior, Beliefs and Characteristics[edit]

  • Melonheads have a tendency to listen blindly to what a 'leader' says. Usually, those leaders are people like Chill57181 and Penquino
  • Melonheads often don't care about the truth, similarly to their scrub counterparts. Melonheads, however, contrary to the scrubs, often brag about how much they love facts, despite that not being so.
  • Melonheads have a strong desire to control other people and have a strong desire for power, and they usually indeed can be found in the top echelons of power around Antarctica.
  • Melonheads have developed their own culture and completely isolated themselves from the rest of Antarctica. They accept new members only if you fully embrace their culture and act like a "100% cool guy", which many, despite their attempts to become part of melonhead culture, fail to achieve.
  • Melonheads hate anybody who is deviates from social norms, even though they themselves do in many cases. Melonheads are generally intolerant of any differences and anybody disagreeing with them, and they are unable to reasonably debate, instead they insist on shutting down debate as fast as possible and dodging questions and provoking the other side to be more aggressive so it seems that the other side is the one who started the whole argument and destabilized the situation.
  • Melonheads have very close ties to the Shopper government, and as such have the actual power to control politics on the international stage and to dictate what the Shopper government and president will do, and thereby punish "scrubby nations" and "introduce melonhead culture into every corner of Antarctica". For this reason, melonheads are also accused of being part of an "international order threatening to destroy Antarctica and everything we stand for as penguins" by the Penstubal Post.
  • Some melonheads have an obsession with eggnog - for this reason, anti-melonheads often toss eggnog into rivers, lakes, seas, garbage dumps, toilets, down balconies, into basements and onto melonheads' houses in order to spite them. In response, melonheads often drink orange juice, something that draws the irk of scrubs due to its association with Khanzem.
  • Most melonheads don't recognize Duck Island.

List of supposed Melonheads[edit]

  • Chill57181 - also known as the "Melonhead of the Melonheads". While many dispute whether he is a bully and whether he is really arrogant, he's the first person to be labelled melonhead and as such the definition seems not apply to him because of that.
  • Lavender - the president of Shops Island, widely known as a stereotypical bully and arrogant person who never faces consequences for his reckless actions and naughty behavior.
  • The Ed - for nothing more than hanging out with Chill.
  • Penquino - considered to be a wanna-be dictator by some, thought to be arrogant and unhelpful at times by many.
  • Marty Buchanan - despite being close friends with Penstubal, a prominent anti-melonhead, he is often characterized as one because of his moderate views on the "cultural war between scrubs and melonheads".
  • Mironica - accused of being one simply because she is a spoiled little girl who hates Penstubal.
  • Aunt Arctic - some have called her a melonhead because of her fact-based reporting in the Club Penguin Times, unlike the reporting by the scrub Penstubal Post.
  • Hockey Manlet - considered to be a criminal, a thug who bullies penguins out of personal jealousy and spite, and violates the laws of countries he considers to be "scrubby".
  • Melonheadquino - because he was literally born inside a watermelon.
  • Radioactivechicken - while his status can be disputed, as he does not have ties to Shops Island and is sympathetic towards those who deviate from social norms; it is generally accepted that he is a melonhead as he is sympathetic towards Chill and Penquino and other penguins who commonly side with them.
  • Motorbike Fred - despite his not fitting into all the requirements of being a proper melonhead, he is generally seen as such by his workmates, and by the targets of his crazy stunts (privately believed by his psychologist to be a "safe" diversion of his inner melonheaded greed for power).
  • Bro - A loud spoken and frequent supporter of melonhead causes and actually one of the only melonheads who genuinely pride themselves on fitting the word's definition.

List of confirmed Melonheads[edit]


The anti-melonhead movement is primarily comprised of scrubs who are angry at melonheads and who want them to cut their bullying and just let the scrubs live in peace. Among the most famous anti-melonheads is indeed Penstubal, who uses the Penstubal Post to wage war against the melonheads. The anti-melonhead movement is largely comprised of radical scrubs, although ordinary people who are pretty simply tired of both melonheads AND scrubs can be found in it as well.


Melonheads are found in almost equal numbers in every nation in Antarctica, but in some nations they are more powerful than the others. The most powerful melonhead country is Shops Island, where melonheads have gotten actual legislative power thanks partially to the fact that their president, Lavender, is too a melonhead. Melonheads control both the domestic and foreign policy of Shops Island and that policy is indeed reflective of how melonheads treat individual penguins as well. Another powerful melonhead country is Ed Island, the country of origin of Hockey Manlet. Ed Island is also considered to be a melonhead country because its citizens are extremely aggressive and seem to enjoy harming both themselves and others, something other penguins have observed to be "a normal part of their culture". Ed Islanders love bullying people who step out of social norms and in fact pride themselves on being aggressive and making others uncomfortable. They often use force to get their way, and are not afraid of being accused of hypocrisy thanks to their many outright disgusting stances, especially regarding High Penguins.


  • Melonheads are not offended by the term melonhead, but they have not embraced it either - in that sense, they are completely neutral to the use of the term, in contrary to the scrubs' opinions that the term melonhead makes them angry.
  • Melonheads often drink orange juice around scrubs just to spite them for no reason at all.
  • Some consider melonhead culture to be a culture being edgy and refusing to succumb to parental authority. This idea is called ridiculous by scrubs, who believe that there's no culture that's more demanding of people succumbing to authority than melonhead culture.
  • The term "melonhead" itself is almost exclusively used by scrubs and Penstubal Post supporters, usually to refer to anyone they dislike, and often if Penstubal is calling someone a melonhead he will change or add to the description to make it apply. Ironically, many anti-melonheads also apply to a number of melonhead characteristics, such as blindly following a 'leader', disregarding the truth in favor of their opinions and creating their own culture.
    • It must be noted, however, that some scrubs genuinely believe that those they accuse of being melonheads truly are melonheads by definition.

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