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Title Melonheadquino
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Perfectly fine, as is life!
Level Unknown
Status Screaming because Acadia still exists
Location Unknown; strolling around Chill Island? Achadia?
Birth date Unknown
Death date He's alive
Occupation Administrator of the Totally Real Actual Acadian-Free Club Penguin Fanon Weekee
Height Perfectly average tbh
Feather color Cyan
Strengths See below
Weaknesses See above
Fears Acadians, High Penguins
Friends His brother Melonchill
Enemies See above
Weapon of choice He considers screaming a weapon

Melonheadquino or Melonpenquino is a melonhead and a self-proclaimed, so-called "Jedi" (sadly scorned by the real Jedi community, :/) who likes eggnog. He also really likes party hats and balloons, and he's obsessed with power. He screams when he doesn't have power. He's VERY NICE!. He hates High Penguins and not even he knows exactly why.


Melonheadquino was born in 1999, coincidentally the same day as Chill57181 (nobody knows why). He had two parents, with his father having Pointy Stuff Obsessive Disorder. As a result, Melonheadquino has an obsession with pointy stuff, in particular party hats, which fill up his entire igloo and force him to live outside. Melonheadquino once tried to get them out of his igloo, but he accidentally poked himself with one and that really hurt. He proclaimed he won anyway.

Melonheadquino was hatched with his head inside a watermelon, hence the name Melonheadquino. Since then, he embraced the fact he's a "melonhead" and created his own country called Melonia. Nobody joined it, and this made Melonheadquino sad, so he made dolls resembling famous penguins and made them join it instead. He made 50 such dolls. They were all loyal to him because he was the President, and they liked him because he was VERY NICE!. They started doing everything he ever tells them to do and even recruit actual people to his cause, and this kind of started scaring Melonheadquino.

Melonheadquino was bullied when he was in school. This caused him to bully everybody else and he quickly forced them into servility with his NICENESS!. He screams when others refuse to be servile to him. He then became a self-proclaimed "Jedi" and he began calling everybody he doesn't like a Sith. This is ironic, because his true personality would make him a Sith, but since he wants to be on the side of the Good Guys, he called himself a Jedi. This really offended some people who didn't realise that he wasn't a true Jedi, and once they started crying he immediately started apologizing. However, they tricked him, and they tossed him into a bucket of eggnog.

Melonheadquino likes conquering the world in the game he made, Antarctica Universalis. He often plays this with Penstubal, who agrees because he feels sad for him. Melonheadquino sends Scrubbypingu a dozen letters every day begging him to join him, but Scrubbypingu throws the letters into a trash can. When Melonheadquino tells him he sent letters, Scrubbypingu runs away because this is a fact.

One day he was screaming because he couldn't beat Acadia in a war on his game. After that, he tried to track down Kermit across Antarctica to seek his consolation and finally met him, but Kermit only gave him an autograph, and Melonheadquino was still unhappy. Melonheadquino, especially since then, has an obsession with Kermit and he never leaves Kermit alone, hoping to have a deep and thought-provoking conversation with him, much to Kermit's dismay.

Melonheadquino hates the Penstubal Post because it actually tells the truth about him (unlike nearly everything else in the post). Melonheadquino insults Penstubal, who gets angry at his insults, and because of that Melonheadquino starts screaming and begs to be accepted back.

He likes bullying scrubs. He feels he has power when he mocks them. That's why he "pranks" Penstubal every day. That really makes Penstubal salty, and when Penstubal finally retaliates, Melonheadquino starts crying and begs Penstubal accept him back.


In the future, Melonheadquino will become a true Jedi master and he fought in the Shops Civil War. Penstubal thinks he is the whole reason Shops fell in the first place, but Scrubbypingu seems to agree with Penstubal, meaning what he claims is not a fact.

After the Shops Civil War, Melonheadquino gets a job as a balloon seller at a stand in Club Penguin. He didn't have a permit to own a stand, however, and his property got confiscated, but he opened a new stand every time until he was banned from Club Penguin after the 19th time. Since then, he sells balloons, this time with a permit, in front of Penstubal's house in Wizzint, and this really makes him salty.

In 2036, Melonheadquino runs against Penstubal to become president of the Republic of Moon Island. He fails, however, and salty because he doesn't have any power, he created his own island east of Moon Island's capital and proclaimed it the Republic of Balloonia.


Melonheadquino is actually considered to be cool by many. Whenever somebody calls him cool, however, he ruins it and starts being OVERLY NICE! in order to get them to say even more NICE! things. He really likes whining about things, something he has in common with Scrubbypingu and Penstubal.

Some people think Melonheadquino is spineless and projects power and throws out insults until somebody actually starts crying. Melonheadquino says that's not true, and insults people who say it's true. Those people then cry because of his insults, and Melonheadquino says sorry.

Melonheadquino takes excellent care of his hair in the hopes that anyone will gush over it, but so far nobody has noticed.


Melonheadquino's best friends are his dolls and balloons when he draws faces on them. He likes popping his balloons whenever he gets angry at someone. He talks to his dolls sometimes, and usually that doesn't end up well because he starts crying when they offend him. He considers Penstubal a friend, and he considers Melonheadpenquino a friend too, but they both find each other annoying most of the time and quite openly.

Melonheadquino hates Brant. This is thought to be because he is a High Penguin. Melonheadquino often makes Brant cry by telling everybody how Acadia has a small population. Brant is really offended by this, because he strongly believes his population is very big, and he measures it every once in a while to prove it.


  • Melonheadquino really loves facts. His favorite type of fact is one that support his claims. When a fact does not support his claims, he claims it does anyway, which is kind of paradoxical meaning he might not actually love facts so much after all. When people say that, he says that 'it is a fact that I claimed it is a fact', which people end up agreeing with and forget what the whole argument was about in the first place.
  • Melonheadquino has an unhealthy obsession with eggnog thanks to the incident when bullies threw him in a bucket filled with it. He likes pranking Penstubal by throwing eggnog into his face, although he always asks Penstubal to give it back anyway because he really likes drinking it.
  • Melonheadquino believes he is fit for power. He starts crying when a person doesn't give him the power he wants, and that forces the person to give him power.
  • Melonheadquino hates High Penguins. Whenever he sees one, he starts crying, calls it unfair and he throws eggnog at them. To show how much he hates them, he doesn't even drink the eggnog he threw in the end. He stops short of supporting Khanzem, however, because he doesn't like short penguins even more.
  • Melonheadquino likes orange juice, but his advice is never to mix it with eggnog, otherwise you will just get bad eggnog.


  • "He steals too much, and he's dumb and immature, and he makes bad parties.
    ... But I LOVE kicking him!"
  • "I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid!"
  • "I am a puppet solely dedicated to stubal's amusement"
  • "hahaha now i have a puppet on the staff"
  • "Penguins should be able to create whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want without the government trying to put limitations on our creativity."
  • "Do you think I could convince stubal to vacuum pack himself like a can of tuna?"
  • "you said that yesterday you donut"



  • Melonheadquino can develop an obsession for anything relatively quickly. People call his obsessions "obsessions", but he calls them "memes".
  • Melonheadquino wants to make an international alliance for the preservation of party hats, but Penstubal often mocks him for that idea, causing him to cry and give up on his ideas.
  • Melonheadquino calls anything good "froggy". This is because he thinks the word "NICE!" is synonymous with "froggy".
  • Melonheadquino likes to mock people who aren't like him. He insults anybody who has slightly different interests, and this makes them cry and forces Melonheadquino to ask for their forgiveness.
  • Melonheadquino likes Snow Wars and often dresses up as a Jedi around his friends, who always denounce him as a freak.
  • Melonheadquino is a gentleman and he loves ladies. When he is around ladies, he often wears a fedora, tips it and whispers "m'lady". This accidentally worked once with Mironica, and the two kissed each other until Miron found out and beat poor Melonheadquino up.
  • Melonheadquino has an identical brother called Melonchill and nobody knows why.

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