Melvin Turtleheimer

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Melvin Turtleheimer
The Turtle.
Title Attorney at Law,

Professor Shroomsky's Legal Guardian
Gender Male
Race Turtle
Health Excellent
Level 34
Status Supervising Professor Shroomsky
Location Unknown
thumb|100px|left|Melvin's Theme.

Melvin Turtleheimer is a highly intelligent turtle and Attorney-at-Law who wonders throughout Antarctica. He is also legally designated as Professor Shroomsky's guardian/keeper.


Turtleheimer particularly lurks in the Club penguin Fanon Wiki, as well as the Club Penguin Wiki.

His best friend is Professor Shroomsky.

He was born on the outskirts of the Shiny Forest in Turtle Atoll. He represents Turtle Atoll in the South Pole Council.

In the "Pizza" band[edit]

Turtleheimer is a brilliant musician, and actively particaptes in the hit band, "Pizza.

He, like Shroomsky, are usually denied entry at band gigs (he's "not cool enough"), and Jason Steed himself has to tell the manager that "he's with the band", every time, in order for him to gain entry.

The manager would then plead Jason's forgiveness, because Jason Steed is considered "super cool".


  • Turtleheimer is a law genius and loves to talk to others.
  • Turtleheimer plays the harpsichord.
  • Melvin runs "Melvin's Big Fat Law Firm", which is publically traded on YOWSER for three coins a share, abbreviated TL.
  • Melvin Turtleheimer, though a usual government fan, strongly believes that education is a state's right. Tails6000, though not really that into important government matters, also supports this, as Melvin assisted him in the Cluelessness is Joy rescue attempt.
    • He doesn't like Alseef because of this stance.
  • When messaging other creatures, he usually writes a letter as opposed to speaking to them directly.


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