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The badge given to all members

Membership is a renewable title directly overlooked by the EBUL. Membership can be purchased, and it entitles a resident of Club Penguin gather more features and privileges than normally. This system only exists so that money can be generated by Club Penguin and keep its economy afloat.


See also: EBUL: Membership

Membership can be gained by purchasing it through EBUL. It is a subscription-based service and has to be renewed over time. Membership can be purchased in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month increments. The consumer who purchases a membership is given a badge to let EBUL-businesses and others know of their membership status. The badge also differs with the amount of time remaining on the membership; a 1 month membership badge is more plain looking than a 12 month badge.

Membership entitles penguins access to purchase, use, enter and play EBUL goods, items, rooms and games, respectively. After one's membership expires, they lose their entitlements. Unless they are in use, their EBUL furniture and clothes are taken away and repossessed until the membership fee is renewed. At this point, the (former) member's membership badge is removed and they become a Non-Member. The removal of the badge also disallows the penguin to enter and use EBUL rooms and games.


  • Buy igloo furniture and decorate igloos (not counting the party furniture and starter furniture that now exists)
  • Access member party rooms (luckily, there aren't many of them)
  • Play some levels in some games
  • Wear member clothes
  • Buy anything, unlike how non-members can only buy the starter clothes in Penguin Style, and monthly backgrounds and pins, flags and colors.
  • Keep more than 14 puffles
  • And more...


Many Club Penguin citizens criticize the membership system because it's unfair that other countries get to do anything out of these features without membership. Spike Hike (mayor of Club Penguin, also president of the USA) said he cannot remove membership, but he can let some things available for non-members. He also allowed penguins to have starter furniture, ability to get some party furniture starting of October 2012, ability to play all Card Jitsu games and the ability to purchase some non-member clothes in the Penguin Style catalog. Spike Hike also worked on releasing new free item codes (which also only exists on CP). These codes can be used by non-members to receive clothes and furniture.

In January 2016, EBUL started implementing even more restrictions on penguins without a membership. The new parties had no free items for non members except a few pins. Those who oppose those restrictions on non-members claim that EBUL is "planning to force membership on all penguins on Club Penguin, and prevent non-members from getting access to it". Many non-member penguins are afraid this may happen, but EBUL denies it will ever happen.

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