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"Don't mess with me!"
Title Meme: The Gangsta Puffle
Gender Female
Race Puffle
Faction Neutral
Health Great
Status Doing something
Location F Island, but sometimes Las Puffles
Birth date April 1st, 2000 (Aged 19 years)
Occupation Gambling
Interests Gambling, money, PWNing, gangsters
Friends Gill, Beep, Piper J. Cub, Feey1
Enemies Clovis, Bugzy, Explorer 767, Mabel
Archetype Neutral

Meme is a purple puffle, born on April 1st, 2000. She is currently 19 years old. She's a gangsta puffle, with some serious skill.


Meme was born in Las Puffles, and lived with her parents near the strip. Every night Meme would look out her window, and see all the flashing lights. However hew parents were gangsters, and worked in the Underground PWN Mafia. When she was 5 her parents were arrested for smuggling Doom Weeds into the USA, and the authorities came after her. She beat them up, and ran away. She ended up living in the Underground PWN Mafia, and soon became a soldier in it. She soon took an interest in gambling, and Bugzy took interest in her. Bugzy adopt Meme, and trained her for PWNage. Her skills became great, possibly even better than any other gangster. In 2009, Bugzy took Meme to Club Penguin Island. The Underground PWN Mafia planned to smuggle some pizza sauce to the Pizza Parlor, and Meme was assigned to deliver it. She took the sauce to the chefs, then out of no where EPF agents tackled her. She bit one, and kicked the other one. She escaped their clutches, and ran away. She ended up going to the Dojo, and there she saw Bugzy snapping Sensei's Sword. She saw Sensei mumbling, then saw Bugzy stealing his amulet. Sensei quickly told Meme to stop Bugzy, for if he got away with the amulet he will have supreme powers. Meme obeyed, and attacked Bugzy. After receiving the amulet she gave it to Sensei, and in return he taught her some ninja skills. Sadly after a day of training, she was captured by Bugzy again. Quickly Meme was thrown in the Pet Shop, and there she met Zayne Pie. He adopt the puffle, and gave it to Feey1 for his birthday. Meme ended up living on F Island, but continues to journey to Las Puffles. She and Bugzy are now mortal enemies.


Because of her child hood, Meme was forced to grow up fast. She gambled a lot at Las Puffles, and still does. When she was a member of the Underground PWN Mafia, she helped Bugzy smuggle pizza sauce and Doom Weeds across the USA. Because of this, she got on the PSA's wanted list. She ranked #59, but quickly went up to #42.

After Feey1 adopted her, she had Beep help her get to Las Puffles. They do this every month, so Meme could do a little gambling.


Meme is kind of a 'obey me', 'listen to me' puffle. She likes to control everything going on, and wants others to obey her. She is very brave, and stands for what she believes in.




The Story Behind That Scar[edit]

Meme got that scar in 2009, when Bugzy took her to Club Penguin. She got the scar after attacking Bugzy, when he was about to get away with the amulet. When she jumped onto Bugzy he grabbed a near by sword, and slightly cut her. She still took him down, but got stitches the next day. The wound turned into a scar, and surprisingly Meme thought it was cool looking. To top it off, she started to wear a Gangsta Hat.

Theme Meme Song[edit]


Here is a list of Meme's weapons (bold means more than one):


  • "No, I'm in charge!"
  • "Hey Mabel, you stink!"
  • "What's wrong with that?"
  • "Alright, listen to ME!"
  • "PWNage time."



  • She is very mad about leaving Las Puffles, and has begged Feey1 over and over to take her there.
  • Her parents were put in jail for six weeks, and released soon. They came to their old house, to find Meme. When she wasn't there, they contacted the police to start a search. The search failed after two months, and Meme was never found. Her parents however, keep searching for her.
  • She likes to play online gamble games, but of course they're just little mini games. There's no profit in them.
  • Even though she is enemies with Bugzy, she considers herself a member of Underground PWN Mafia.

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