Meme Machine

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Meme Machine
Meme Machine.png
Don't let your Memes be Dreams
Type Rideable Meme device
Effects Produces Memetic energy
Location Chill Island

The Meme Machine is a large device resembling a Zamboni that when operated produces pure Memetic energy. This energy is used for many things from street cleaning, to building repairs, to trying to raise the undead. The current Meme Machine operator is The Ed.


The Meme Machine resembles an ordinary blue and white Zamboni with the words "Don't let your Memes be Dreams" written on the side. When driven, it produces a faint rainbow glow underneath. According to Ed, it is powered by dual '8-cylinder Quantum Memetic engines' supplemented by 40 individual AAA batteries, along with '4x4 reinforced rubber-free rubber tires' allowing the Meme Machine to go a blazing 12 MPH in a straight line.

It is rumored that the Meme Machine is powered by a Destruction Gem, but this has not been confirmed. It has been noted that the Energy Gem had disappeared after being used by Tails6000 in 2007, several years before the Meme Machine was discovered in 2011.


The origins of the Meme Machine are unclear. Some say it was dug out of the ground when Chill Island was being constructed, others say it may be older than the Masters of the Universe themselves, the wildest claims say that it may just be a simple Zamboni driven by a lunatic. Wherever its origins lie, the Meme Machine is an immensely powerful device capable of bringing any meme to life. Legends tell that the Meme Machine, if put into the wrong hands, has the power to destroy the Earth, although it is disputed by historians that "destroy the Earth" may actually translate to "unravel the fabric of the universe." Whichever translation may be true, the Meme Machine is powerful enough to be sought after by many entities over Antarctica, the most prominent of which being mr skeltal.

mr skeltal wants to obtain the Meme Machine to use its powers of Meme to raise his Skeletal Army and fulfill the prophecy, a fact that annoys Ed to no end. Numerous times on Ed's route around Chill Island, he is interrupted by skeletons trying to steal the Meme Machine from him. Lucky for Ed, he keeps a can of Anti-Skeleton™ Spray with him at all times, allowing him to escape the calcium-inducing fiends.

While Ed is away fighting crime in Gemini, the Meme Machine is locked in his garage. Due to the hordes of skeletons who have attempted to find the key, it is safely hidden away under Ed's doormat due to the physical inability of skeletons to look in the most obvious place.


Due to channeling pure Memetic energy, the Meme Machine is considered an incredibly powerful artifact.


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